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Professional Networking Events & Socials

Who What Where & When

Each a stand alone event, hosted by your fellow professionals, sponsored by your favorite companies, the very best in education. Often held in small settings of 15-60 technicians with several attending educators. Get lots of one-on-one hands-on time!

A day of networking with your peers is an experience unlike you ever had before. Hanging out talking shop, hands on, one-on-one training, discussing issues that effect our day to day lives in the salon and more.

Recently techs across the US have been hosting networking days, each and every one has been a huge success! 

Nailtech Network Orlando Social 
The Premiere Beauty Show Orlando is by far one of the best trade shows to attend in the industry. For the past 10+ years Nail Technicians from all over the world, from Indiana to Australia, have been gathering at this show to meet, greet, network and get educated.
Join your fellow online techs before the show for a Networking Social gathering. Always a sell out crowd, be sure to get your ticket early! Check our Photo Gallery for pictures from past events!

Check the Event Calendar for this years Orlando Network Social date


Long Island (NY) Network Day 

BeautyTech has been hosting Networking Events in the Long Island NY area since 2002. Every year since it's inception we have had a sell-out crowd! Make sure you sign up early! Check our Photo Gallery for pictures from past events!

The 2015 LIND date has been set for Monday September 14th. Check the Event Calendar for more classes, events & shows.


Comments from Networking Event Attendees...

The networking event was so informative. I've learned so much and met so many people who want to do better and improve the industry. It was also great interacting with some of the pioneers in the nail industry. I look forward to the next one.
Peggy D., NJ [LI Networking Day Oct '05]

Just wanted to thank you for a great day. I Had a blast! I am so charge up from the new products and the determination of others looking to improve there skills or just network. It was a very healthy day for me. Can't wait to get back into the beauty field.
Gina [LI Networking Day Oct '05]

I just wanted to say THANK YOU for putting together such an amazing event.  I have been a nail technician for 20 years now, and it's only at your gathering that I actually learn something NEW and interesting!  Your devotion to our industry inspires me to continue on and not retire my file.  The educators are such true professionals... they of course make everything look so easy!  I look forward to attending every year!
Michele P.
[LI Networking Day Aug '08]

You too deserve a big thanks for all the hard work and effort to bring this unique event together as I am sure it involves planning the whole year and you make it seem easy.
It was even better this year being on Saturday as we got to see more BT participants with 2 days to shop
While it was a dash for us to get over there after a late set up everything was great (other than veggie burgers but that is fine)
Rich - Ram Products [Orlando Network Social Jun '11]

Again, you really did a great job at the Orlando show with your event.  WE met so many great nail techs through your program.  I know it is a lot of work!!!
Linda Nordstrom - Famous Names LLC [Orlando Network Social Jun '11]

Thanks so much for hosting a wonderfully informative day! Your hard work was greatly appreciated. It was my first time attending the event and I am already looking forward to next year. I will be contacting all of the companies that supported the event over the next couple of days to thank them as well and to let them know how valuable the experience has been to me.
Teresa K.
[LI Networking Day Aug '11]

Planning your own Network Day

I highly encourage everyone to organize one of these events in your own area. I certainly does not have to be as ambitious as 60+ people, you can host this type of event in your salon or even your home, with 10 or more people. Preparation is minimal, and cost can be very nominal, some have organized these events with no outlay.

This is just a simple checklist for planning an event. 
If you have ever planned a party you can do this!

Prior to event:

  • Pick your date

  • Pick your location

  • Decide how many you have room for

  • Post your event information at:

    • BeautyTech message boards

    • Network Event page

    • NailTech Mailing list (email to me if you do not subscribe)

    • Hang flyers in your local supply house(s)

    • Email NAILS & Nailpro Magazines for publication IF you have 2-3 months lead time

  • Contact local educators to attend

  • Contact companies for samples (note bags for all the samples)

  • Lunch:

    • Ask everyone to bring something (pot luck)

    • Have catered in (divvy up cost with attendees)

    • Soda, coffee, tea, water

  • Ask techs to bring mini kit of what they use everyday 

  • Remind techs to bring enough business cards to hand out

  • Name badges

  • Confirm with attendees to reduce no shows

  • Directions, public transportation phone numbers/web sites

  • Stuff bags with samples, brochures

  • Make sure everyone has a phone number to contact you day of the event (cell phone and/or salon phone) for last minute problems, directions lost souls!

Day of Event:

  • Arrive early!

  • Set up work/talk/food areas

  • Intro/Roll call after everyone arrives

  • Get down to it!

    • Hands on (each other!)

    • Educator demos

    • Rap session

Above all make every effort to keep the cost at ZERO - ZILCH - FREE, or very minimum just to cover costs of food or whatever.

Have a GREAT EVENT!! And don't forget to let me know if you need help and definitely send pictures afterwards!!


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