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Really?? Shellacs' New colors.....
by the way tania--you mentioned you wished they had a silver, I discovered somewhere that you can layer black pool + romantique for a nice silver color--or maybe that strawberry light pink color with the makes a nice silver color.
We don't use the Shellac line but I can tell you that we use the crap out of the YN teal-ish color. We have business people in NEONS and glitter!
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I agree Tracy, the layering is frustrating. While experimenting with layering, I am waisting product (and the bottles are small to begin with). I was going to order some Gelish colors, but I am not really happy about the Sally's thing. They need to come out with more normal colors for professional women ( I only have 1 or 2 clients that would wear teal). Can you tell me about the paint shaker? I guess I missed that post. Thank you!!!
Layering does not work on a lot of the combos...the Black Pool and Strawberry Smoothie to make a cool silver ended up fading around edges somehow and looked like my client was a mechanic-the black showed up and they looked greasy. She was NOT happy. I have found with layering that if you do like/similar colors, darks and darks or lights with lights, I don't have a problem. Iced Coral goes over all colors well, but the rest end up looking streaky and not very consistent. I have a few excited about Teal coming out, but I agree the other colors look similar to what is already released. I am *hoping* that in person they look different than they do online, like some of the others have!
I, personally, won't go with Harmony or any other line, because in our area people specifically call and ask for Shellac. And I have always been a CND fan...however, when OPI comes out with their line, I will get their's to add to my collection-since everyone loves their polishes and is familiar with the colors. Excited about their release!!
i think the navy blue can be a nice one
i was also very diasappointed with the mother of pearl color i was even considering adding glitter in the bottle myself to make it a bit more sparkly
i keep telling my clients that they will probably come up with new colors but they are slow
i mostly use cnd products but i admit that the color range of gelish is tempting
i also wish they had a real beige coming up bacause for now we only got pinks that kinda look alike
i also don t like the cocoa brown that much it s a pretty weird color
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Color selection is a case of you can't please everyone Wink I have copied a link to this post to forward to CND to be sure they read your feelings on the subject though! For those of you looking for polishes for a more "mature" type client color I'm sure the Asphalt will be great layered under some of the current colors.

Here are lots of layering ideas for those that need some extra color ideas without having the time to play and find them:
Holly L Schippers
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Holly, your so sweet and professional and even thought I dont have every many shellac colors myself ( just a few favorites ) I love your links and your tutorials. They come in very handy with a lot of different services.
Love CND but I use Gelish. The lack of availability and color options made me a fan of Gelish. There is a variety of fun colors and my clients love it!
Just a quickie-

CND's choices are the same colors that sold the most when they were in their enamel form- that's how they are choosing what to release Smile The first 12 were the most popular enamel colors, and sold the most Smile The next 12 were the next 12, and these next 6 are the same.

I also want to point out that Shellac is NOT a gel polish- so comparing for the sake of color is like comparing apples and oranges Wink

It bums me out that some of you are so disappointed, and I do really hope you find the product that makes you AND your clients happiest!

Holly's videos for Shellac layering are AMAZING, and incredibly helpful- I hope you stick it out and try out the new colors Smile
Heather Reynosa-Davis
Team CND Global Education Ambassador
CND was happy to have your suggestions and I hope some of you will be pleased with what you see next year Wink
Holly L Schippers
CND Education Ambassador

FingerNailFixer on Facebook
FingerNailFixer on YouTube

"There are no failures - just experiences and your reactions to them." - Tom Krause
Holly.... I must say that i honestly dont understand why they chose to market this way.
It is extremely frustrating for us as professionals...when our clients come in after a month..and say--- 'any new colors yet'... and we still have a "NO" for them.

I completely 'get' the layering..allthough, I stand behind my firmly placed Confusedhock: Face...when I say.... We SHOULDNT HAVE to layer !!!!!

This is a 'leader' in the industry. Nobody comes out with a product as great as Shellac and only offers up to 24 colors...and I dont even count the french manicure 'colors'....because they arent.'color's'...
I know..I know.. you repesent them..and I agree w/ Peggy and the others too...about you being very open and professional.

But it makes NO sense whatsoever to little ol' me....and I will go where I can get the colors....eventually, probably weaning out CND alltogether...and just offering a "no chip" or "gel polish" manicure-- instead of the "shellac mani"..

Im sorry. but this kind of thing is upsetting to me. And I dont get upset.
but its stupid. stupid. 'launch' a HUGE explosion to the nail world...and taunt us with only a couple dozen colors.

CND knows how women are--- they want C-H-O-I-C-E-S !!!!

Im sorry to keep this going and going and going....but its annoying...and the layering doesnt work for me as well as you have made it work.

Too bad we couldnt buy empty gel polish bottles..(tiny ones) and mix it ourselves....or in some other fashion.

any ideas????? I would love to hear them....sorry guys for being a pooper...Im not really like this...I just DONT get CND.
" Take be kind".....

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Couldn't have said it better myself Tracy!!!!!! I had to add gelish so I could have more of a variety! I mean I have over 200 regular polishes for clients to choose from and only 24 shellac colors? I've been waiting and waiting and now this is how we are all rewarded? With 6 so so colors? Guess I'll need to add more relish colors again too....booooo! I'll whine with ya!
Just asking, but do you use every one of your 200 shades of polish? About how many of those colors do your clients pick regularly? In my experience with polish colors, the client almost always picks the same color, or one that is nearly identical. Unless we're talking spring/summer and fall/winter colors. Then there is a little bit more variety. But that is still only a few handfuls of colors. The crazy blues and purples and greens and yellows get used, in my salon, by ONE client. Otherwise, they just sit there collecting dust. The rest are standard pink, red, coral and french, with the occasional brown/tan/beige. And HEY, those are the exact colors of CND's Shellac line! Big Grin Sure, I'd like to see a little bit more variety (like a few different shades and tones of pink and coral. Especially coral. ANd also some more sheers that I can layer to make new colors), but my clients are kinda strange...they *say* they want more colors, but when they get them, they keep picking the same ones as before! What's up with THAT? Big Grin
Elyse in WA
The Nail Princess is in.
Wow. As always I'm the odd man out. Im ECSTATIC about finally having a teal as my shellac was always a teal to begin with (ALWAYS layered Black Pool and Iced Coral) and a nice cement-y color. I absolutely hated the fact that my choices were pretty much neutral, pink and reds. Not everyone likes girly colors.

Still waitin on OPI to come out with theres. Two of my favorite colors are coming out in their first batch. "I'm Not Really A Waitress" and "Pompei Purple" will soon be mine. Smile
I use Shellac at home and OPI at school. I love the way shellac goes on and the way it lasts. I have used gelish and was not happy with it. Gelac is such crap I will not even go in to it. I hate the way you have to apply Axxium but love the color range. I will not use anything but Shellac out side of school but I might try pairing Axxium color with shellac in order to give my clients some of the color they want. But really would rather see CND pull their heads out of their.... and give us what we want. All the colors NOW......and give us what we want. All the colors NOW...... Not Next year or in 6 month or wait till you see what is next. Sorry this is making it a bit to much. at 1st it was OHHH BOY WHATS NEXT... now it is can we just have the product so we can keep things going? If they already have colors for next year.... then just let them out....
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need to hit the edit not quote on my last post...
"To put it bluntly, I seem to have a whole superstructure with no foundation. But I'm working on the foundation."
Marilyn Monroe

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