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protein bond vs linkage
i would really like to know your input on these products.i currently use protein bond but i still have a lot of lifting issues.iam thinking to try out linkage as it seems its a miracle those of you who have tried both can you tell me advantages and disadvantages of each product?thank you!
I haven't tried Linkage but I love the Protien Bond. It stopped all my problem clients from lifting. Can't wait to read what someone else says about Linkage.
Marie A. Soto
[email protected]
Linkage is definitely stronger than anyone else's protein bonder. It's the main reason it's a bit finicky to deal with. If you've got a problem lifter, it could very well solve your problem!
Not saying I don't like protein bond, because I do, but Linkage is awesome!! I have had absolutely no lifting since I started using it. I use the brush that came with it, although I know that a lot of techs prefer a q-tip instead, but I have had no problems with the brush at all. Just be sure you wipe the threads before screwing the lid back on!!
so i you had to choose among other bonders would linkage be your first choice?i still have lifting problems with protein bond so i need the best product in the market to help me! Smile
I actually use both. I LOVE linkage for my problem lifters. PB is also a good one, but you have to use 2 coats of it. I try to use the products that the system recommends, but linkage has been a God send for my clients who lift no matter what.
Martine M.
i still have problems with protein bond even if i use 2 coats so i guess its time i try linkage.another question for you use it with the same company's system or with the system you regularly use?what are your suggestions ?which systems holds on better?
I have been using linkage for about a year and LOVE it! I have had really good results with it.
I have to say that I really like PB. I have tried and tried Linkage, and I always seem to lift, either at the cuticle, or the sides...and I prep just like T.E.N. says to...I have no problems with PB... :?
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Elizabeth, IL
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tsita78, you can use it with any product line you want.
Well I tried the linkage...and it did really work well...I think I like it better than the PB....but honestly...... Lisa from Nailite sent me some "something wonderful"...and Im lovin it...

And, not to rain on anyone's parade-- its soooo much cheaper...

But I did like the linkage....Smile

:roll: :wink:
" Take be kind".....

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Medical Receptionist &
Part Time Nail Artist
Akron, OH
I was a PB user for several years....tried linkage and it didn't work as well for me. Somebody mentioned Something Wonderful and I thought I would give it a try....I AM SOLD. Something wonderful has worked better for me than either PB of Linkage
never heard of something wonderful..which company has it?up to now i think i'm going to give a try to linkage but i'm open for other suggestions! Smile
Using Linkage now for about 2 months and it really does work wonderful. I do not use it with the TEN I ordered thou, because the product looked yellow in the container and when used as a top coat my clients weren't happy with the yellowing it created on their nails. Haven't received a respond yet about it, but am using the Linkage with my Akzentz gel and it works really lifting at all. Just ordered from Nailite, wish I had know about Something wonderful, I would have tried it too.
I love Linkage, BUT.... the last two bottles with the new brushes in them, dried up half way through, and yes I do oil the threads and clean the threads after every use, I am not going to buy it again, because its way too expensive to be loosing and entire half a bottle twice in a row. I dont know what to do now, because linkage solves all issues.

Shannon A.
Shannon, sorry you had problems with the Linkage and I totally understand about the cost. In these times you've got to watch every penny. The brush issue is the main reason I stress to to anyone interested to use the swabs instead. I'll use most of the bottle before I throw out the last 1/4" when I use swabs. I've found if I keep using Linkage past this point, I'll start getting lifting since the primer is pretty contaminated by this time and it's started to thicken.
I've been using Linkage faithfully for about 2 years, now and can usually get a full 3 weeks of clients from one bottle. The first new style bottle I used was gone and halfway dried up in a little over a week. I use the brush as I don't like using the swab.

I figured out that the brush that was provided with the new style bottle was too big and too long. It not only flooded the client's nail plate with too much Linkage but it seemed as if it sort of pushed too much air back into the bottle.

So, I still use the brush provided but I cut the length off so it's only about 1/4" long. I know it doesn't reach to the bottom of the bottle but I can sort of tip the bottle to the side and get the product up to the brush. This way I've been able to use just about all the Linkage! I'm on my 3rd bottle that I've done it this way and so far so good! I haven't spilled any so far!

Plus, I like the way the shorter brush kind of lets me "scrub" the Linkage into the nail and right up to the cuticle without actually touching the skin. The bigger brush was really getting the product all over and the longer I left the brush outside the bottle to wipe off the product, the faster it was going to dry up.

I contacted Brenda about the problem I was having and I was basically told the bottle and brush is how it's going to be so I decided to do what I had to do to make it work. I love Linkage and don't ever want to change products! It's totally changed my nail business by preventing lifting on all my clients and shortening my service times. I'm hoping to find another bottle that I can transfer the Linkage in so I can get the brush to reach the bottom but in the meantime, how I'm doing it works just fine!
linkage for me too, I love it... =]
great idea, Sharon! Thanks!
Where do I get Linkage?? Is it TEN brand?
Nails by Janeen
Albany, KY
Yep Janeen - you can get it from TEN.

I think I'm about 1/2 way through my first bottle of Linkage and (keeping my fingers crossed) not having any issues with using the brush and it hasn't gotten thick on me yet.
i was thinking to buy some bottles of linkage because if it really works like you are saying i don't want to be left out of stock and not be able to order it quick!since i live in Greece it's going to take a lot of time to arrive!that's why i was thinking to transfer half of the bottle in a clean protein bonds bottle and use it from you think this is a good idea?
Here's the problem with Linkage when you talk of storing some other's exposure to air that activates it. So when you transfer it to another bottle that's not full, then it has air trapped in the bottle with the Linkage. I've left work on Friday with a quarter of a bottle left, thinking I'd have enough to get me thru til my next one arrived, only to come in on Tuesday and it's all gone! (I might not have had the lid screwed on tight enough, too :oops: )

If I were going to transfer some to another container I'd use somethng you can get the air out of. What comes to my mind is the small pinch seal bags that tips come in. You can pour some in it, make sure the air is out, seal it, and store it in a dark place.
hmm well i think you have to be very careful when you use it otherwise it won't last for long! when it comes to the brush that comes with linkage do you have to clean it after every nail or when you are done with all of them?i mean do you dip it once and you cover all ten nails with it or you dip ,clean and redip?im a bit confused :?
I can't tell you about how to deal with the brush since I don't use it. Sharon, how about it, does the way you have the brush make it thru all 10? IMO, redipping leads to more air and debri introduced into the bottle and that's exactly what you don't want. I'm sure someone will chime and give the info.

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