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NEED a pedi soak that kills germs. What do you use??
Idonails - I remember that conversation. Its always confusing about tabs and products that are safe to soak your feet in - that make the water cleaner, another words they sanitize the water. (EPA Disinfectants should never touch the skin).

So I just saw an ad in Nailpro page 150, where they state it is "EPA registered product safe for soaking the feet". On a video on their web page they confuse the term sanitaiton and disinfection -- this is where it can be miseading sometimes.
Sanitation is cleaning & must be done before disinfecting
Disinfecting is a 10 minute use with an EPA registered Disinfectant.

I think Sani-Tabs and other similar products are a good thing when used correctly. They sanitize the water the feet soak in - I do not believe they disinfect the the tub and jets. But I am going to call this week and see what they say. I called before but I forget exactly what they said. And if they make the claim that Sani - Tabs disinfect the tubs and jets just by draining the water the feet have been in with the Sani Tabs (after a pedicure) I will get specific info to share with you. But I will be surprised and the first to admit I was wrong, so I will clarify. I do not like to discuss good products in a negative way on the internet - however this is clearly confusing.

The NMC wrote protocol on exactly how to disinfect the tubs per EVERY State Board and I believe you can find that document on beautytech and (Doug Schoon's website)
If not e mail me and I can send it. [email protected]
Oh I can see were going to blow up my emails! LOL
I have already called them Vicki after our last conversation. Could hardly find anyone who could speak good English to have a decent conversation. They told me it was a disinfectant to clean the feet. As you state, and I know, disinfectants are not designed to touch the skin.

Maybe you will have better luck. But I'll stick to the Hot tub/whirlpool sanitizer as it does the same thing.
Yes I suspect. Gonna look into it agian.
Since I do believe the OP was asking about removing the smell from feet and not cleaning the tub, I will chime in with what I like. Bath and body works has some of the most fantastic antibacterial soaps, bacteria and sweat are what make odor possible, so in my tradition foot bath ( no jets no plumbing ) I use a few squirts of their soap. Then I actually wash the foot and rinse, instead of soak and pat dry. I have a select few who have some stinky feet that if I do not wash them, they will leave that stink on my hands. The newest fesh picked cherries, ohhhh my that is my favorite of their summer soaps. In fall it's pumpkin spice. (on sale now, Halloween junky that I am) so I say try that and see. If your already washing their feet with soap and not just soaking, then maybe a stronger soak additive. ( if your tub is jetted, don't use the soap as part of the soak, just use it for washing, or you may bubble over lol )
Ewweee....cheesy feet smell.

Ive only encountered this a couple of times at my new salon.

I personally have switched over to Nailites basic foot soak. Its kindof a minty scent.....not the best--but it bubbles nice and does disinfect/deoderize...whatever you wanna call it. Smile

Then, we also started using the spray from them as well. This again, has more of a medicanal smell...but to me-- that offsets the feet odor--which is what it is supposed to do.

I believe ppl that have that odor--just have it, and will have matter what-- so we just gotta deal with it. Certain products can cut down the smell to a certain extent...but its still there in the end.

You can actually call in and ask for Lisa at Nailite and she will send you samples of whatever you want. So, look up online what you want to try..and just ask her !! She is wonderful to work with..Smile
" Take be kind".....

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I have a client whose family had me so concerned about the smell of his feet before he even came in for the first visit. LOL So I use the Foot Soak by Gena. I use the Footsie Bath. Let his feet soak between 5-10 minutes and then begin his pedi. When I am finished I have a foot spray (it's one that I manufacture and have manufactured for many years) that I spray on his feet when I'm done - It has an EO blend of Tea Tree, Lavender and Chamomile. I have not had any problems with his feet stinking when he comes in. And he just informed me during his last visit that since he started getting pedis faithfully once a month he has not had any issues with foot odor. Even his family has not teased him about his foot odor.

Anyway, my suggestion would be to try the foot soak by Gena as it seems to be working great for my clients.

Just thought I'd share.
Melodie Hand
Clayton/Raleigh, NC
Great suggestions for foot odor!
I use Dr. G's Foot Soak myself. Its antimicrobial and takes care of the smell.
Ok made the call to Sani Tablet and I spoke to a nice and very informative salesman - Barry Wilson. He really knows his stuff and I was surprised and pleased. We chatted for quite a while. He gave me all the info I needed and you know I grilled him good! Its nice to make a call and get that kind of responce from a manufacturer. Doesn't happen all the time!

Anyway I questioned him on the EPA registration of the Sani Tablet and if it is to be used to "disinfect" the spa jets and tub. The answer clearly is NO. Its a EPA registered product that disinfects the water the clients feet are induring the pedicure in only. Its not to be used to disinfect the spa tub and jets. It really does the job nicely and you should look into it. I was impressed.

He said Sani Tabs are a complementary product to be used as a pre-cautionary measure in conjunction with an EPA registered disinfection (flushing of the tub and jets for 10 minutes) product per state board.

Now here is the good news they have a EPA registered disinfectant for the flushing as well.

So that clears the air!
Good to hear they were helpful. Must be different staff then when I called. No one I spoke to could speak good englishi.
I'll second that on Nailite's foot soak. I've been using it for years. For really cheesy feet, I add an equal amount of their sani-spray. I keep some in a small squirt bottle. Works great!
polishedgirl :
> say what yall will girls, I always put one table spoon of BLEACH per gallon
> of water of tub. NO it doesent dry them out and ive done it for years. thats
> also how i clean my tub and NO you cant smell it i use ebsomesalts as well
> and any essential oil i plz and yes i know there are certain oils to avoid.
> You girls are so critical, do you make 50 thousand a yr doing pedis and nails?
> then SHUT UP! and BTW yes i do make that much

Gee, why such nastiness in your words?!?!?!

No one has said anything personally aimed at you for you to come in and tell people to shut up.....I have to say,that your post is just outright arrogance and rude.
You could have put what you wanted to say in a much nicer way.
Yes we all have bad days but I'm sorry we don't all going around speaking to others like that and then spending the next day saying sorry and it's all good, maybe it would be much nicer for all if the first day didn't happen at all.
It's called self control and we all must have it, even on the worst possible days.

I find this board to have some really nasty members of late who think it's ok to be ugly with words because they THINK their opinion is right.

Each to their own, if everybody respected everybody's opinions then this place would be much more pleasant.

Yes you have a right to an opinion too about the use of bleach etc but no one has the right to speak the way you did.
Shut up is NOT slang when used in the context it was used.
Erika_in_Boise :
> I am re-starting as a nail tech after 6 yrs out. I asked friends to volunteer
> to let me do mani/pedis on them. I did the first one today and she had VERY
> smelly feet. Not like infection stinky, but sandals/not washing well STINKY.
> SO...please tell me WHAT you use as pedi soak or what you may suggest for
> this issue. Honestly, I did a very thorough job on her and she STILL smelled
> like sandals after the whole pedi. Obviously, I would never want a client walking
> out stinky, so what should I buy as pedi soak that will kill germs/smell? Thanks!
I use Accel,its hospital approved,I also use some bleach for my finall rinse it makes the room smell really clean.I have a sray I use at the end of my pedis called allspresan#9 Its a refreshing foot deodorant. Hope this helps
Isopropyl alcohol helps stinky feet. Spray it and let them set while you get the water ready.

Next add your foot soak, the more the better when you have a smeller!

Next Vics you nose! Yep you heard me Put vics vapor rub under your nose. I do it while I am getting their water. We use to use it in the barn on the studs before a show. That way they never smelled a mare in heat. LOL True story! Works great!

Sometimes there is nothing that YOU can do to help them it has to do with their d.n.a, diet and over all health, so take these steps to help your nose Wink
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spray the feet with an antiseptic first. several mfgrs have them available.

I use it when necessary and use Nubar's Waterfall foot soak.
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There are several products on the market to add to the bath water when doing a pedicure that will help kill germs. Dr. G's pedi soak, Sanitablets are two that I use.
Erica would you mind sending me your email? Thanks

[email protected]
There is a foot condition that causes "stinky feet" and there is nothing that can be done about it except washing often for temporary fix. One must feel so very sorry for them....

As for the foot bath, no soak product will kill bacteria, etc, as if they were that strong, your skin would be harmed.
Live and Learn - life is too short to stay the same
erindoesnails :
> Yeah, them spa tubs..not so prevalent here in Cali anymore 'cept at the Chop
> Shops. Everyone's starting to use those cutesey "Footsie" tubs now. Smile
> I like where the Industry is heading. Smile

What's is a Chop Shop?
Erika_in_Boise :
> I am re-starting as a nail tech after 6 yrs out. I asked friends to volunteer
> to let me do mani/pedis on them. I did the first one today and she had VERY
> smelly feet. Not like infection stinky, but sandals/not washing well STINKY.
> SO...please tell me WHAT you use as pedi soak or what you may suggest for
> this issue. Honestly, I did a very thorough job on her and she STILL smelled
> like sandals after the whole pedi. Obviously, I would never want a client walking
> out stinky, so what should I buy as pedi soak that will kill germs/smell? Thanks!

Erika it must be the season for coming back, I just started back after a few years too! Good luck! xo

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