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OPI Gel Color after 2 weeks. Pic*
This is one of my clients after exactly 2 weeks of having OPI Gel Color on her nails. They look absolutely beautiful aside from the regrowth. Just wanted to share for people who are wondering how well it holds up.

[Image: 92d07e95.jpg]
Thanks Colleen!! I was pondering this line, and wanted to see some of the results. Now if anyone knows of some great kit deals that include all the colors out there for these- I would love to know! Thanks!!
I'll send the info for ordering later. : )
Emailed you!
I thought we couldn't purchase the OPI Gel until the end of January? That's what I've been told. Anybody know for sure?
They can't advertise it until January, but you can purchase it. I've had mine for a few months.
This is good to know, for those of my clients that like to match their nails with their toes. I use exclusively OPI polishes. And many different gel lines.
What base and top did you use?
Have you soaked off yet, and how did that go?
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Where did you purchase the OPISOG? Did you also have to buy their LED light? I've heard you may be able to use UV lights to cure? Any information would be appreciated
Starfish, I used OPI's Gel Color base and top coat. I've used Gelish base and tops as well, both with great results.
Yes I've soaked them off and it is the best soak off of all the gel polishes Ive tried. I file the top coat a bit first and do the foil and cotton ball method. Wait 7-10 mins and the stuff basically comes right off in big pieces or if any sticks around it can be scraped off using very little pressure. It's awesome! I did post on that awhile back and also posted a video of it. a crappy video, but you'll get the idea.

Bonny: has it. Its not on their site yet but call them and they'll help you. They have excellent customer service! (ask for Paula)! I bought the kit and it included the light, which is great. It is curable in a UV light as well. I don't have the times handy but it's probably 2-3 minutes.

Just a side note: I usually can't wear any polish or enhancements of any kind, they just don't stay on my nails, but the OPI gel polish stayed on the best and I only had one thumb peel at the tip cuz its the one I use to pick up the acetone soaked cotton balls. It wears beautifully!
Last time I checked with goblondies, they were sold out of opi gelcolor base coat and top coat.

I did find it on ebay 2/$39 free shipping and on amazon.

Peels and cosmoprof here in Nebraska. I use it with shellac top and base coat. It goes on So nice however the colors aren't true to the Polish colors. The actual Polish has a lot more pigment. They work fine with the shellac lamp
Hmmm. Im not having success with it. I am using the whole line, including the ph bond, doing everything the steps say, and several have complained it doesn't stay like Shellac. It seems to be lifting and can peel right off. Any ideas? I have the rep coming to give me a credit because I tired 2 bottles of Malaga Wine and they both were super runny and hard to work with and had black specks in them that wouldn't mix or go away. Disappointed...
Great Colleen! Thanks for sharing! Looking forward to ISSE so I can check it out ;-) Hopefully OPI will be there!
Do you know if you can use the gelish led light with the opi line?
I love nails!
Yes you should be able to. I haven't tried it myself, but you should cuz it says "other lights may require curing time adjustments". The OPI base cures for 30 secs, unlike Gelish which is 10.

I have Malaga Wine on my fingers right now. No problems. Looks like you got a bad bottle. Sad

I have used other base and top coats with OPI and it works fine. I personally wouldn't buy it on eBay, you never know where it's coming from. Just sayin.
Has anyone used the OPI base and top with Shellac or Gelish. I was This close to buying the top coat yesterday, but was swayed when I found out that my shellac top was on sale. I like that OPI has the thinner drops. BTW, thank you ColleenNY for emailing me about Gelish awhile back :lol:
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I am really liking the line as well, my Malaga Wine also had specks in it Sad Who did you contact to get a credit? I have had that happen with LCN color gel and they told me its undissolved color in the batch, i'm assuming its the same thing. I have to say I am really liking the product! Shellac better watch out, I would never have considered trying another line but due to Shellac's lack of color selection and failure to produce more than 6 colors every 6 month (sorry but totally unacceptable in my opinion) I had to give clients more choices other wise they were going to start bailing on me! Any way, I like it, I like the colors and I like that it removes easy as well!
Gina, nail tech. NC
Hi Coleen!
Have you had a chance to use "Passion"? I used it on few people and it turned ugly shade of "dirty beige" Sad
I cured it in CND lamp (1 minute base, 2 minutes each color and 3 minutes top coat)
The clients said that it turned color almost right away, after couple of days. They don't tan, don't smoke and they don't use self tanners. I called OPI hotline and left a message yesterday but they haven't called me back yet.
Also "You Don't Know Jacques" turned from a cool dark greish purple to a dark khaki almost. I'm puzzled Undecided
Other then that - I LOVE the way it soaks off!!
Yes, I use Passion all the time for my French. No problems with it turning colors. I had a color from another line do the same thing in a UV light though. I wonder if it's a YV light issue?
I haven't used You Don't Know Jacques yet. I did use Pompeii Purple the other day and it didn't turn color, but was very fussy going on. Fought with that one for sure!
Im having mixed feelings on the OPI line. I use it with the shellac top and base but this stuff does not soak off easy. So far its lasting though very wellA couple colors are nice, however Louvre Me not was streaky and ran everywhere. I was embarassed by my application. I think Im going to hold off buying anymore of the OPI and try other brands.
Jennie, what is your removal method? I think it's the easiest to remove out of all the HP lines I use.
(01-25-2012, 10:10 PM)ColleenNY Wrote: Jennie, what is your removal method? I think it's the easiest to remove out of all the HP lines I use.

Im using the cotton/foil method with pure acetone.

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