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Homemade Dissolving FootScrub
06-10-2006, 12:12 PM
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Homemade Dissolving FootScrub
I created this myself with a little help of a compilation of different ideas from other sources... I like it because you can create any scent quickly and inexpensively.

*TIP* Not very good with a whirlpool tub (it bubbles too much)... but excellent with a foot basin

Sorry... no exact measurements... you kinda have to eye ball it.

Okay.... first start with a mixture of granulated sugar and salt (the salt helps sooth swelling in the feet) (about equal portions of each)

Next mix (separately) your desired bath wash (the dollar kind works just as well as the expensive stuff) with antibacterial soap and an anti fungal agent (like tea tree oil... or something of that nature) ------ (this mixture works great as the complimentary foot soak)

Now---- SLOWLY mix the foot soak INTO the sugar/salt mixture WHILE STIRRING until you have a marshmallow consistency. This consistency helps to reduce the messiness of some of the usually homemade scrubs and helps reduce the dryness of some as well. It's easily spread and dissolves quickly into the water after your done.

And that's about it...... just store in the refrigerator if you make a lot at one time so the sugar inside does not go bad

*Another tip*--- If you would rather not make your own foot soak... you can add your chosen foot soak in it's place and you will get the same effect. (it might be a little easier too :wink: )

I love this little recipe because you can create any flavor you like for CHEAP.........ENJOY!

*And maybe for a chocolate scrub... add cocoa powder to the dry mixture and use an UNSCENTED foot soak... mmmmm*

*When there is a negative there is always a positive near by*

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