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OPI Gelcolor feedback
Sobeit I just got them today and did some sample nails love them. Iused gelish as the base and top. The colors I got are black sand,Caribbean mint, and hibiscus. It took forever to pick them. I'm excited just need a hand model now:-) Big Grin
Mitchele Sheree Hunt
CND Master Painter
Hibiscus was very popular for me this last summer. It suites everyone's coloring.
thanks for the heads up!
Had a client in yesterday asking about it, said her daughter in law was having it done with OPI and liked the results... I was thinking of buying some

I've been resisting the gel polish thing, not too many clients for it and many would not pay the extra
many of my natural nail clients are gardeners or in jobs rough on their hands and have poor nails
something I understand makes them not good clients for gel polish?
Wendy-My mother in law is a stained glass artist and she has been doing great using Gelish. I put two coats of top it off on her and reminded her that her tools are tools not her nails lol. And her day job is counting all the money that comes out of vending machines. She made it just under 17 days this time.
Mitchele Sheree Hunt
CND Master Painter
I've been using Shellac for 1 1/2 years. I've tried Gelac, Polish Pro and now the OPI Gel Color to simply add more colors. Let's face it, customers see alot of OPI in magazines and most assume it is the greatest product. I can say from my experience using Shellac and now the OPI Gel Color, they apply very much the same, both soak off well, stay on well for my clients and I am very happy to be adding OPI Gel Color to my selection. My clients like lots of color choices and the fact that they have regular polish to match is just awesome. And my sales gal who personally services our salon is great. I would not let one bad apple steer any of you away from trying this product. Let's just ignore the negativity! Diane
There is no way this "tattinger" person is affiliated with OPI. And what is a "guest artist" anyway? That term alone should tell all of us that this person is just blowing smoke. Any real educator of a product line would never do that. Tattinger--you're not fooling me. Stop trying to bully the boards. *rolls eyes*
well I had another client come in that didn't last over 3 days witj it. And by what Diane just said-- I am truly wondering if I did get a bad batch. I honestly am not trying to bash any one product line here. It kinda gets to me the way others put me down for only voicing my personal experiences. I too encouraged anyone intefestes to buy a few colors and try it out for themselves. My rep did end up bringing me 2 replacement bottles of topcoat which was great
But I am also wondering if it wasn't one of the otjer girls thT possibly ruined it. The other day I saw her doing her own nails and she had all the bottles right in front of the light.
Ice rold them oved and over fo NOT have the product anywhede near thw light and I've told my boss that the fiels need more training with gel polish in general. That will end up costing her more money if they don't understand how easy it is to ruin the product.
Oh well. I'm going to make the best of it and again-- I'm only trying to share and possibly troubleshoot the issues I'm having. thanks everyone for listening. Smile
" Take be kind".....

Full Time single mom,
Medical Receptionist &
Part Time Nail Artist
Akron, OH
OMG what a terrible sell rep for a big company. Tattinger, do you think you work with the SOGs everyday more than we do? Ask your CEO to come here and see all these feedbacks, you cannot stop other people saying their opinions.
I too would like to know what a guest artist is? I can say I've used this gel, didn't last 7 days. Yes, my prep, application and curing was spot on. Seems this guest artist has so much to say why is she not posting HELPFUL ideas? Out of all gel polishes I've tried, at least 7 dif. Brands I have to say poi is at the bottom of my list.
I also will not use their absolute acrylic. In cold weather the acrylic lift and oftn crystalizes. Thus the reason opi makes the heat unit. That's a big turn off. I have read alot of techs having problems with opi here on the board.
So where did the opi guest artist disappear to? I think the saying, open mouth, insert foot fits her to a T.
ya she tucked her tail between her legs an ran!!!! obviously.not.a.big enuf woman to offer a rebuttle....lolololol.
I'm sorry....I'm being bad...but I just can see this girl in my head
like a little 20- something gettin all mad for bashing little ol OPI....hahahahaha

sorry..I'm done now. :roll:
" Take be kind".....

Full Time single mom,
Medical Receptionist &
Part Time Nail Artist
Akron, OH
Ok I just have to pipe in here and say I STILL have had no problems with OPI and I really hope people give it a chance and try it themselves to see that it IS a nice product. I don't really know who this guest artist is and whatever they said shouldn't be a reason not to try the product.
Tracy, I think you have a bad batch, period. Get it replaced and try it again.
It goes on nice, comes off wonderfully, wears beautifully and I love the colors. I do hope people give it a try and see for themselves how nice it is.
Hey Colleen. I have both a Gelish and OPi question for you. Can I email you> My email is [email protected] is you would like to email me first, or we could do the facebook thing too.
Bella Capelli Salon

"Anyone who keeps the ability to see beauty never grows old." Franz Kafka
Email me. The link is below.
For some reason my computer doesn't link the email tab. I know you are a big Gelish user and I have finally picked up a few colors. So my question is, what are you using for base and top with Gelish and OPI. I use Shellac, so I was wondering if I can use Shellac base and top with Gelish or OPI. And before anyone else pipes in, yes, I know I should not mix lines, blah blah blah. :wink: We all know sometimes we can mix lines and sometimes we can't. I'm planning to purchase the OPI color as long as it soaks off easily. My natural nail clients don't want me filing, no matter how I try to convince them. I need to have something that soaks off in 10 min or less. I was just thinking if I used my Shellac base and top, it would soak off a little easier.
Bella Capelli Salon

"Anyone who keeps the ability to see beauty never grows old." Franz Kafka
Emailed you!
I have not been on here in awhile(my mom had stroke), but for my first post to read I am shocked at the response from the "OPI Artist". OMG VERY UNPROFESSIONAL! This post needs to be copied and sent to the CEO of OPI. I did try the Strawberry Maragarita color and my client came back with it looking orange and spotchy. I sent it all back and choose to stick with Shellac. Just sayin...
First of all...WOW..."guest artist"...really???
@Tracy-I had the same thing happen with my new bottle of OPI Topcoat..second nail I applied it to, the whole brush hardened and "cured" and was unusable!! I was so frustrated!! We had natural sunlight streaming in, so I put something up to block the light, used a brush from my Axxium Top Sealer(after I cleaned it..) and haven't had the problem since. Maybe it's the brush itself??
I have also noticed i am constantly going back to clean around the cuticles with the new is runny. And yes to certain people that are questioning if I am shaking, applying thin, etc etc....i am doing EXACTLY as OPI instructs us to do and only OPI products with it. I am only on second week of use-so I haven't had to remove it. I have also had to "trim" some of the brushes in some of the colors-they have like uneven bristles, weird. MalagaWine has given me the most problems...very runny and a bit streaky after cured. I am still giving it a go..I've had so many clients looking forward to the familiar colors. I just received two Gelish colors i am anxious to try, hoping I have success using them with my Shellac top and base.
Thanks for the input everyone!! Just adding my opinion as well! Smile
An OPI Guest Artists is one of their educators. I don't know this person and OPI is very aware of the postings.

I will say that to disegard a whole company because of one or 2 posts by one person is a little over kill.
Debbie webmaster - admin Feed Your Nail Addiction shop smart, brand name professional products for professional results

Ahh! !!! thank you Amy! !!! IM NOT CRAZY! !! lolol Smile Smile
I knew it cldnt of just been me. I'm glad that you posted. You and Deb...but deb-- in all dairness...we know how the companies lurk and read here--- why don't they just own up to stuff and in the very LEAST.... try to help us out.??
I have to say when things get heated about least Doug will chime in to help&/or defend....but NOBODY from OPI even contacted me directly or indirectly. I called in and begged. foe help and didn't even get a return call about the $750 product we just bought from them. I wld have to say that Yes--- maybe not throw in the towel bcuz of that crazy " guest artist"...but for their utmost lack of concern.... I wld.
That's ridiculous. Every new product has glitches...we know it and expect it. But we didn't get so much as even a call back from OPI!!!!
Do you ladies really want to invest in a company like that?? That's a question only each person can answer on their own........
" Take be kind".....

Full Time single mom,
Medical Receptionist &
Part Time Nail Artist
Akron, OH
Hi there..

I'm an educator with OPI..

Tracy.. I have read your posts... I'm sorry you haven't gotten any response.... Maybe I can help?
Kim K
Mom and Nail Tech
OPI Educator
Well tattinger...first of all your messages could be a little nicer. You can not fault people for having issues when there are no classes anywhere. Kinda hard to just watch a dvd and get it right. Every persons nails are going to respond differently to product. These manicurists are not attacking OPI or YOU for that matter so stop taking what they say so personally and just try and give them advice without the attitude.

Secondly maybe YOU can tell OPI that if they are going to put out an expensive product and charge $499 for just the light maybe they should educate a little more so people understand their product better.

> Hi, I am a guest artist with OPI. It would appear to me you have not been to
> any training for this product, because it is truly better than Shellac because
> the OPI product is 100% Gel Color, not a hybrid that combines polish with some
> gel.
> You MUST apply this product Thin
> You MUST cap the free edges
> You CANNOT mix and match other vendors top/base coat
> You MUST prep the nails with proper product (preferably non-oily cuticle remover)
> You must use either NAS99 or 99% Alcohol.
> I suggest you go to or use your DVD to go over proper steps.
> Before you bad mouth the product, it would be good if you stated if you are
> switching products and not using the recommended OPI products.
> This is the NUMBER ONE problem nail techs have and they are not truthful about
> what they are using on the client. The PRODUCT is fabulous!! I have tested
> and used it for a year and it is the only product I wear... Thank you...
>> Ok. here it goes. I've been using it for almost a month and my clients hate
>> it. It isn't holding up as well as shellac and it discolors when using a light
>> shade. My one fiel noemally goes 3 weeks w shellac and she only got 6
>> days and it started to peel and chip. This is what I'm finding with most of
>> them that I used it on.
>> So I'm kinda discouraged at this point. I really wish that my boss wld of trusted
>> my professional opinion ans went wirh gelish and not listened to he'd rep.
>> who was only trying to make a sale. Now I don't even want to run specials with
>> it for fear of losing potential clients. Urgh!!!
I am using OPI and ORLY gels (not the new OPI LED) and have seen that the ORLY (also curing with LED) is very sensitive even to the type of lighting. I have a white LED lamp above my workplace and the ORLY starts to cure immediately when this lamp is on.
I turned it off and used halogen lamp and it is ok now.
I do not have this problem with the OPI gel since this is the one that cure only under UV lamp, but i am very curious to see if th new OPI has the same behavior.
If you use plain old bulbs (also called tungsten) emitting a lot of infrared (heat), your are safe, but if you use the new fluo bulbs (also called economic) , you have to know they deliver a lot of UV and could influence the curing of the LED activated gels.

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