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OPI Gelcolors or Shellac?!?
HuhI want to get my own nail system and im not sure what to get. I have gotten the OPI gelcolor done on myself and i love it. But my mom gets the Shellac done and she loves that. I want to be able to do both but not have to buy two seperate lights. Also which is better for nails?
I know I'll get lambasted for this but I use the OPI light to cure ALL my gel colors. There's too many colors, too many gel polishes and not nearly enough money in my pocket or room in my shop to store multiple lights for each line.
technically you can cure OPI in the Shellac lamp because it is a compact fluorescent bulb. OPI just says you have to cure for two minutes.

CND says you can't cure Shellac in an LED light.

I don't know, CND doesn't tell you why, they just say you can't.
I have used a few different types of lamps for both Shellac and OPI Gelcolor and they all work great.
I use Shellac, OPI and can interchange the bases and top coats. You can use any UV light, but Shellac does not cure under an LED light. Sorry....I speak the works great for me.
Awwww, hun, nail products aren't bad for your nails. It is how they are applied and taken off that affect nails. The key to me is the amount of soak off time, so Shellac gets my vote. And ya can't register as a Shellac salon, on their website, if ya use a different lamp or mix and match with their products. Just depends on if ya want to be high on internet search to get new biz. Wish ya luck on that decision.
In terms of deciding which product to use or buy: I think you'd have good luck with either OPI or Shellac. Is either product's starter kit on sale in your area? I use Shellac, Gelish and IBD Just Gel polish. I use the Gelish base and top and Gelish LED lamp with the Gelish AND IBD colors. I use the Shellac base and top and the Shellac UV lamp with the Shellac colors. I have the same great luck with all three products. The customer just chooses which color floats their boat that day and I pull out which base and top and which lamp matches. If you can only afford one system... well then I'm not sure what to advise. I like a few. However, having said that - the UV lamp can be used on lots of different systems, where the LED lamp can't be used with Shellac. Shellac comes with wonderful advertising from CND which is nice. Hope this helps.
Terri Lancaster
Nails By Design

I use Shellac...and love it!
Ms. Perfectionist
Licensed Nail Specialist progress.
Both are excellent brands, and both are "good" for nails. It would be great to have them both, but if it comes down to one - CND Shellac or OPI GelColor, I'd have to go with OPI. Every positive you can say for Shellac - easy removal, great marketing, ground-breaking product, easy application - is also true of OPI Gelcolor. The one unique positive that Shellac has is that it is advertised as hypoallergenic, not a minor point if you are allergic to the other gel polishes. But OPI GelColor has several very important positives that Shellac does not have: LED cure, broader range of iconic OPI colors with more to come, and regular nail polish to match (retail opportunity).

I know that some people prefer CND as it is a company that focuses on the nail professional, on the other hand, OPI benefits from the experience of working both sides of the market - professional and consumer.
Why not have as many tools in your tool box as you can ? I have both of those ,and just keep adding more , which adds to my color choices. I ,however ,use a lot of gel polish on my acrylic clients ,which is why a vast color selection makes sence for me. Cons of Shellac ,are limited colors ,and not LED curable.

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