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Best Nail Drill to buy ... and different acrylic brands...??
I'm looking to purchase a GOOD nail drill. Tell me what you have, why you like it, and where to buy it? Also, the RPM's -- should I go with 20,000 or 30,000??
Does anyone have any luck with not so known acrylic products?? IE Supply Source brand, Nailite, Noveau Nail, less expensive brands? If so, what can you tell me about them?? Prices are rising & I'm looking to save money on my products, yet keeping the quality of wear & color...

Thanks for your help!

I've got a Upower I've had for over 10 years now. Took it to the local Asian supply and replaced some bearings on it and guy told me it was good to go for another 10 at least. Was told by another Asian supply house owner, it was the best out there for being a workhorse e-file. I've got an Erika now, and I have to say it's lighter, and a bit less vibration. The Upower hand piece is bigger and heavier but honestly, I've never had a problem with that. As for the RPM'S, you need to understand that the higher the RMP'S the lighter your touch needs to be. Just because it goes faster doesn't mean you should use it that fast. Torque is more of an issue. The motor doesn't need to 'bog' down when you apply pressure, especially like during a pedi service using a callus reducing bit. A Upower will cost in the mid $300's, an Erika in the mid $400's

I use Nailite's Omega and I have absolutely no problem with it. Goes on great, files easily and I don't experience yellowing with it.
luv my erika but did have an inexpensive medicool and it worked great. nailite is a great place to start with inexpensive acrylic. call and ask lisa for a sample
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I have an Erica and a Medicool Power Pro30. Both are 20,000/30,000 rpms which I recommend for speed because generally anything less vibrates too much. I prefer the Medicool. The handpiece is lightweight, no vibration, the cord doesn't pull on the handpiece. I use the Erica for pedicures. When I dropped my Medicool and had to send it in for repairs, I used the Erica. My wrist was killing me (I normally don't have wrist issues) after one client and I had to keep putting the cord on the table because it kept pulling the handpiece. My clients noticed a difference too. I bought an extra Medicool handpiece to have in case I have to send in for repairs again. No way I could use the Erica for any length of time.

I recommend Bruce with Atwood Industries. You tell him what you want and he will advise you what e-file to buy. I bought mine sight unseen and was 100% satisfied.

Ditto to what Donna said about torque. That is important also. That is why I use the Erica for pedicures.
Thanks ladies! Do either of you have pictures of Nailites Omega colors? I went to their website, and they don't show colors. Can you tell me which pink is the deepest, yet see thru -- also the whitest white? My clients like the bright pink & whites that are sharp in color. Do you use their gels also? Thanks so much!
I'm going to second the vote for the Upower. I bought mine used for a good price and fortunately he took really good care of it and replaced all the " innerds" before he sent it to me. The handpiece is kindof big...I've actually had an Erica also before...and they both are nice to me. But when u can get a deal --- that makes it even better...u know??
As far as the acrylic and stuff...yes just call and ask Lisa for samples. Then u can make your own judgement. Everyone has different tastes...I still use the old standby-- CND radical...and diff. Powders..
So hth u and I wish you the best at what u chose!!
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I am passionately in love with my Atwood Supra efile. It is amazing. I had a lower end efile before that only got up to 20,000 rpms..let me tell you, that extra 10,000 makes a difference. The handpiece is super light, which makes a huge difference when you spend 8 hours+ on back fills every day! Not to mention, the twist and lock chuck makes your life soooooo much easier when changing bits. The price is pretty decent too @ $349. The customer service of atwood industries is awesome, and you can order your efile bits to the degree of coarseness YOU want.
Just give them a call! Bruce will help you determine the file that is best for your needs.

As for acrylics...TT is the bomb. It's almost half the price (if I remember my coworker's price comparison correctly) of CND products and the colors and durability can't be beat. The P3 pink and Whitest White will give your clients that super dramatic french look.
I just haven't found a smaller name brand that offers the same performance, but good luck!
i think the best electric nail drill would be the USpicy Electric Pen-Shape Nail Drill.I have used it for almost a year, the main reason it attract me is that it is its size that always to keep my nail safe, i no longer worry hurt my nails when doing nail work.......i dont remember where i bought it , maybe you guys can put the uspicy nail drill to on amazon or ebay to search the pages.

I've had the Super up-power for 8 years and love it!
I love the UPower. I had an older model I bought from someone that decided not to do nails, and was in great shape. A work horse! As for acrylic....I tried Republic Nails after seeing thei ads in the magazines. It seems to be a good enough product- very low priced. One white, one clear, one pink. I did not have enough color choices. This past week I got my TT order in and I cannot believe the difference. Now I remember why I changed to TT to begin with and why I used it for years. I had health issues and just got back to work in February. Republic was affordable for me and the nails look good. I have to get what you pay for.
Always be get farther.
I like the Nailite Omega acrylic, though I don't do many acrylics.

I use the Nailite Stylus gel line and the Nailite Gentle gel for toes and natural nail overlay.

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I love the It can handle any job! From the bathroom to the kitchen! Its a great DRILL
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Sachi ! Hahahalol! Too funny...Smile
(05-10-2012, 02:06 AM)sachi Wrote: I love the It can handle any job! From the bathroom to the kitchen! Its a great DRILL

I ♥ You.
i TRY. Wink
"To put it bluntly, I seem to have a whole superstructure with no foundation. But I'm working on the foundation."
Marilyn Monroe
I've been using the Kupa Upower 200 for a really long time now and have had no problems with it. It's honestly the best electric drill on the market today. I would definitely stick with Kupa.

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