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Shellac/Led light
I know this is sort of a no brainer, but a fellow employee of mine insists that one of our other nail techs cures Shellac ( cnd) , with the 18 g Gelish lamp and has no problems, even though I know that Shellac will not cure with an LED I wrong to argue this ? As far as I know, and I am pretty sure on this one, you can not cure a non Led gel polish ,gel ,or CND Shellac, with understanding is that it has to be a UV/LED specific product to cure properly w/ an LED lamp...this person was so passionately arguing that Shellac will cure with an led , that I just had to ask for your input...even tho I pretty much know it does not....
Yes, you are right to argue this point and you need to direct this idiot person in the direction of CND so she can learn more about correct curing of Shellac and it's formulation cause it is not formulated to cure with LED light.
It might look like it's cured correctly but she is not a chemist and clearly does not understand that you can not tell by just looking at it, if it's cured ok or not.
People like this make me so angry and I call them messers.
I don't think that's possible... Shellac is the pickiest product out there. Is she confusing shellac with another brand? or calling everything gel polish shellac?
(03-16-2013, 12:41 AM)sbwalnuss Wrote: I don't think that's possible... Shellac is the pickiest product out there. Is she confusing shellac with another brand? or calling everything gel polish shellac?

She is one of my fellow techs at the all booth rent salon I work at. As far as I know ,she absolutely knows the difference, because she uses both Shellac and Gelish. I am far more experienced and since it was adamant that she was correct, I decided to just let her find out the hard way...I will not mention it again.
Shellac does not properly cure in LED. She is curing, as Doug Schoon says, "to the eye" Don't argue with her, just give her this -
Shellac will cure in CND's new LED light that is coming out later this year. Take that info how you want, lol. According to Doug Schoon, the lights need to be at a certain wavelength to cure the gel properly. From what I remember, a full cure (normally 2 mins with the CND uv light) will be 1 min with their new LED.
She is curing it with a Gelish 18 g led ....
@Melissa82: I know I am super excited about that new LED Lamp, it is said to work for Brisa Gels, Brisa Lite and Shellac. I wonder if it will work on other LED cured gels?
I have both the CND UV lamp and the Gelish LED lamp. One time when I was obviously very tired I accidentally used the Gelish LED lamp with the Shellac color I was using. I had already polished both coats of color when I tuned into the fact that I had the wrong lamp out. SO, I got out the correct lamp, and had her cure for what would have been the correct time on the correct light.... base, two coats of color etc. She returns to me this coming week - so we'll see whether or not everything held up correctly or normally. Sheesh... sometimes I wonder about whether I've been doing nails TOO long. Smile
Terri Lancaster
Nails By Design

I am about to buy lamps for my new salon, and have been debating on whether I need both UV and LED. My salon manager insists everything can be cured in LED, and PureSpaDirect did a test and showed Shellac would cure with LED also - again, it goes back to the wavelengths, as mentioned above.

I'm going to order LED and test it out on myself in the next couple of weeks, and will post results. I will need LED for my Gelcolor anyway, so I figure it won't hurt! Smile

First ALWAYS use the correct UV light for your product and REPLACE your bulbs! For the shrinkage problem try warming the product to body tempature. I put the bottles either between my legs or under my arms, it just makes it a little harder to paint. Good luck! Sorry, I'm new, this ended up in the wrong forum.
I cure Shellac in a LED light and it works fine. No problems or difference at all in the products performance. It just saves me a ton of time!
Linda K: when the client returns - how has the Shellac held up? I can't imagine how it is working in the LED light?
Terri Lancaster
Nails By Design

(08-04-2013, 08:20 PM)Gr8Nailz Wrote: Linda K: when the client returns - how has the Shellac held up? I can't imagine how it is working in the LED light?

I strongly suspect that CND Shellac has already been quietly altering their formula to LED-curable in anticipation of releasing their own LED light, initially rumoured for this fall, but now supposedly in early 2014.

I also suspect that lighter-colored as well as base and top coat Shellacs have long been LED curable, although probably inconsistently so. Of course, since gels harden when it is only 55% cured, it really is hard for anyone without a lab to be sure that it has cured properly. But the experiment by PureSpa Direct was proven incorrect by Doug Schoon and they were supposed to remove it.

Personally, despite my suspicions, I will not use LED to cure Shellac until CND says it can be cured with LED. I don't like the risk of exposure to uncured/improperly cured gel.
Sorry to bring this up but now CND comes out with the new LED lamp, can it cure both Shellac and OPI gel?
I've been wear Shellac cured with a Gelish LED light for three weeks. It came out perfectly and has held up beautifully. You do need to cure the older product for 60 seconds, I'm not sure about the "re formulated" newer product. The only color I had a problem with was white, it never fully cured. Maybe if I would have cured another 30 seconds it might have been ok. Not sure?? I'll just use Gelish for French.
(10-06-2015, 09:29 PM)vnwind Wrote: Sorry to bring this up but now CND comes out with the new LED lamp, can it cure both Shellac and OPI gel?

I cure every brand in the Gelish light. No problems so far. I don't have the money or the space to store every brands light.
Recently CND came out with a LED topcoat, and I think a basecoat, that can be used with their gel polishes and cured with their LED light. Using some other manufacturer's light is at your own risk.
I have been curing my shellac in an LED light for 2 years. I have never had a problem with service breakdown. I know I will hear it but I have been doing nails for almost 17 years and I know the difference between a "power polish" and a soak off gel polish. In fact my #1 selling gel polish is 100% gel. I sandwich my shellac inputting it out there for between my gel polish base & top coats and it works perfectly. Yes i mix product lines and use different lights for different lines as well. I say if it works for you, do it! You need to be more concerned about proper prep and maintenance vs what light your using for which product. I have gel mani clients going 3+ weeks with my technique and I have a 3 month waiting list to get in, so I would say my technique speaks for itself. I am not trying to argue with anyone just putting out another opinion for others. Smile

NailJunky, I love your post. You think like I do! Big Grin

Jan in CO
has any of you tried to cure other gel polishes with the cnd led lamp?i own an opi led lamp and a uv brisa lamp and want to get the cnd led but would like to use it for gel polishes also not only shellac.any suggestions?
The biggest issue not addressed in this post is the allergy/ sensitivity risk of uncured gel on a client. You may not realize the overexposure risks of uncured chemicals just because you can't see it and the polish looks hard. CND does not cure in LED lamps other than their own new one. Their lamp does not claim to cure other LED gels. Gelish 18g can cure other brands of LED gels, but not CND. My solution is I do not use CND. If you love their products just invest in their lamp. That is what makes you a proffesional. Techs that hodgepog their own systems without taking in account the chemistry behind the products are no different than DIY's. It contributes to giving our industry a bad image.
I am not an expert and I am not a licensed nail tech. I do my own nails and have been for about 6 years. I started out by getting my nails done. I watched the nail tech and learned the system. After I felt confident, I bought a gel kit. So, for 50 bucks I got an LED lamp, Polish, nail whipes, and a few other things. I figured the cost of buying the kit, versus getting my nails done every two weeks, was a pretty good savings. I have experimented with Sensational, Orly, and Red Carpet. Sometimes the gel peels off. I believe I do not let it cure long enough. I recently had my nails done. I wasn't impressed with her inability to make clean lines but I do like the CND polish I picked out. I have no idea what lamp she used but I know it was not a CND lamp. The layers were cured in 30 second intervals. I have had the CND on for over a week and no issues(other then her sloppy application). I decided to buy a bottle of CND to try. I just want to make sure my LED light will work. I have though about buy a LED/CCFL UV lamp. I want to avoid buy specific brand lamps. I thinks it's a bunch of bull anyways.

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