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Shellac and peeling/broken nails
idonls :
> Nail Raising :

> Anna, Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I didn't see your comment
> til today. I wasn't referring to the quote from Sobeit that you copied.

No worries.
Thank you for your response.

I used the "Quote" feature on the forum in my reply so it automatically copied your post verbatim from Nov 7, 1:16pm (I am assuming the time stamp is my local time). So if you were replying to a different post you can see where I would be confused.
No problem Anna, I just didn't want you to think I was ignoring you. Sometimes the quote button on here can be a little tricky! I hope I answered your question. Thank you for asking for clarification. :wink:
Anna, I only made 2 replies and you quoted correctly. There is no confusion but we wont go into that. :wink:
As shown I did hit the wrong quote button so it can be tricky!! And Thank You Anna for letting me clarify what I was referring to. And there were many more comments made by someone after that that were deleted, but we won't go into that either.
Fortunatley the deleted ones were not about Shellac or drying. So Anna I sent you a Facebook Message about our Confusion on the dry spots so I don't have to make it more confusing.
Yes, thank goodness the other comments were deleted because they definitely had nothing to do with the topic or anything else discussed in this topic.

Back to the original question, I believe Doug has answered any questions in that neither Shellac or acetone can cause nails to peel or become brittle.
The info has Nothing to do with toe nails and polish wearing clients!

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