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Is anyone using an efile to remove gel polish?
For gel pedis, I always use my e-file. If someone insists on soaking, I'll use one piece of foil, fold it up to the toes and lay a saturated length of coil cotton over the toenails and fold the foil over the top. PITA.
On hands, I go one finger at a time, hand file to shape, lightly file the surface, wrap each finger. By the time I've done all ten, the first nail slides right off. I'll push the cuticle and prep the nail before moving to the next. It sounds like a lot of time, but it's only like 15 minutes, and when you're done, you're ready to apply polish.
I've been using the ECO soak-off concentrate and it really helps with the drying effect of the acetone.
In a lab experiment, people who had liquid acetone applied directly on their skin and held there for a half hour developed skin irritation. When the skin was looked at under a microscope, some of the skin cells were damaged.

Not good at posting links. Just as improper filing will cause damage, so will soaking in acetone.
Quote:gelpro :
> In a lab experiment, people who had liquid acetone applied directly on their
> skin and held there for a half hour developed skin irritation. When the skin
> was looked at under a microscope, some of the skin cells were damaged.
> Not good at posting links. Just as improper filing will cause damage, so will
> soaking in acetone.
Thank you for the info.
I do wonder though about those of us who add oil to our acetone? I add a it all over the nail and finger tip with the foil method, and if I use the bowl I add a cap of the olive or jojoba oil to that.
Quote:In a lab experiment, people who had liquid acetone applied directly on their skin and held there for a half hour developed skin irritation. When the skin was looked at under a microscope, some of the skin cells were damaged.

Not good at posting links. Just as improper filing will cause damage, so will soaking in acetone.

I leave it on for 10 minutes tops. Never 1/2 an hour.

Question for those who efile: with the base layer, protien bond layer or foundation layers you're filing down to - I'm guessing that layer is as thin as possible, plus it's clear, so how do you know when you've reached it? It's almost impossible isn't it?

Also for whoever said they put protein bond on the entire nail, I have to ask why? It's certainly not necessary and I've had a customer come to me from another salon who did that and it was a pain in the behind to remove.
I can see it, if I leave a base it's a bit shiney, idk how to explain it, what you file away (again, the same as a hand file) just comes off, flakes off, whatever & you can see the natural nail. Yeah, if you put protein bond all over it's gonna be hard to remove, unless it's a problem lifter or something, I do one thin coat on the free edge.
CND Master
young nails
light elegance
absolutely! all good points. I've used an efile for 17 of my 18 years. Unfortunately there are some out there that aren't so careful with the drill, or like said, any file for that matter. Definitely being well educated on the efile is a beautiful thing. I wish all nail techs could be as well educated as we are. The efile is such a great tool... Less time and quality work means more bookings!!
It's nice to be important, but it's more important to be nice!!
IMHE, nothing gets a client out of my chair faster than using an e-file on a gel-polish application. Those aren't afraid of the e-file aren't typically gel-polish clients. Not using the e-file is one of the BEST selling points for gel polish.

As it currently stands, the e-file is synonymous with "artificial nails." Many gel-polish clients vehemently hates "artificial nails." This is one of the reason they come to my salon asking, "What's this new gel color that is not acrylics that stays on your nails for 2 weeks?" If it's a nail enhancement client, then I say: "Gel polish is...but it's best you stick with your enhancements." If it's a natural nail client, I say, "Let's give it a try."

Can't even tell you how many clients come through my doors because someone used an e-file on them. They may sit there smiling while you explain; but that'll be the last you'll see them. I'll let you guys educate clients on whatever "proper e-file usage" means. I will, in the mean time, pre-etch and soak. It's off within 10-15 minutes with a cuticle pusher.

Those stupid nail wraps are a waste of money and time. Get yourself a stainless steel pet food bowl and have them soak their hands in acetone. Anyone complains then just say, "Everything will be gone in ~10 minutes. The remover wraps are just an illusion. It's white because the moisture is temporarily removed. Any moisture or oil will reduce adhesion. I'll rehydrate after we're done and it'll be better than when you came in."
I have to say, for the techs who are e-filing off the product, You may be the most proficient nail tech out there, but if you have a squirmy client all it takes is one sudden move to reach for their cell phones or anything else and that bit can slip. Now if I have an enhancement under the gel polish, I file it off (because I have to prep the enhancement anyways). But if I am doing the gel straight onto natural nails, I never e-file. I file down the top layer with a 180 grit, wrap them with gauze pads and foil. I do not totally saturate the gauze either. I get it covered, but not dripping. My client sits for 10 minutes, this gives me a quick break, or lets us pick color. I use my ezflow pusher and begin to remove the polish, it comes right off. I tried putting them with hot towels around them, putting them in a heat drier... its quickest if I just wait the 10 minutes. And ONLY 10-15 minutes. If you wait longer, the acetone dries up and the product re-hardens, that is why I stopped using the heat. It was drying up the acetone too quickly and I could not get the product off even after just 15 minutes. Plus...I use shinny side down. I was told by a client that I needed to put the shinny side down if I was trying to hold heat in. I have done that since the beginning and it works great! Also, curing time really makes a difference. If you are over-curing your base gel, it will be harder to get off. I do mine with the Harmony LED lamp for 20 seconds and they always come off easily.
well from an educator stand point, I was trained the proper way for gel polish from the company and 1) you never put a clients hands in a bowl of acetone!! 2) keeping the cotton/pads/gauze whatever your using saturated enough really is key and putting it on the nail and wrapping with the foil dull side in. 3) you just scratch the surface and the shine off the top coat with 180 grit file. The gel polish will slide right off and just have to scrape the excess with a cuticle stick. That's just the way I was trained and that's the way I teach it and I have great results!!

But we all have our own techniques and opinions and ways to do our services. That's why this industry is so great. There's a client out there that is fit for every nail tech and vice versa! Big Grin
It's nice to be important, but it's more important to be nice!!
Shellac was the only company to say "use our wraps" all other companies said, soak in acetone, via bowl or cotton and foil.
I put PB on the entire nail because I don't soak off, I buff off. Eventually the middle of the nail becomes the FE and I want it securely attached. It does take much longer to soak off due to that, but that doesn't matter to me since I don't soak it off.
Nail Tech/Owner
snailnails2004 :

> Also, curing time really makes a difference. If you are over-curing your
> base gel, it will be harder to get off.

Bingo. This I have noticed. I've also noticed if you apply loose glitter on top of the gel polish it takes even longer.
Laura Merzetti
CND Education Ambassador
Toronto, Ontario Canada
Candice: why not just put the PB on the f/e to begin with? I'm just thinking it would save you some PB cuz GP doesn't really require a bonder.
Hey ladies...wanted to chime in. Smile

I always soak off using the cotton/foil method. It comes off so quickly and thats how I promote a 'different' experience...because so many clients associate the e-file/drill with nail damage.

Then after I scrape it off (using an orange-wood stick) I take my orange buffer and just buff any left over product.

I always..ALWAYS do a comple manicure before I reapply the GP. Before I apply it, I always apply cuticle oil and buff into the nail w/ the yellow buffer blocks. Then I have them go scrub at the sink.

I also use a protein bonder..(Nailites..Something Wonderful) on the entire nail. I do not find that it makes removal anymore difficult.

My service usually takes an hour from start to finish. and I always do a hand and arm massage at the end too!!

Smile Happy Nailing
" Take be kind".....

Full Time single mom,
Medical Receptionist &
Part Time Nail Artist
Akron, OH
Well... I was just originally answering the OP as to whether some efile, and I'm pretty happy with my system, so I'm going to just leave it at that rather than defending it or arguing about what's better :wink: to each their own.
Nail Tech/Owner
Wasn't trying to argue, just trying to understand the method.
Jess in WA :
> I wouldn't doubt you have seen a lot of bad natural nails, I think many of
> us have. But I also think if you are well trained and know what you are doing
> you can remove the product without damage. I wouldn't remove color on the
> natural nail each service - which is why I always leave a barrier of hard gel
> and file down to that, but if I am removing a set I still do it very carefully
> with my efile. I always do toes with my efile every single time - and thats
> without the barrier of hard gel. Unless someone has naturally thin nails, there
> is no problems with this process since I know how to do this without damage.
> I know how the base coat looks and feels and can be very exact with the file.
> My clients would much rather me e-file the color off safely than soak with
> any product. If I market a "soak off" service with no efiles used, perhaps
> I'll get some new clients to fill in a few spots of some who moved recently
> - maybe a facebook add trial!
> But anyway my point being, when it comes down to a well educated technician,
> its preference of you and your clients. If someone isn't comfortable with
> their efile, by all means soak away.
> cbch1 :
>> I have been a nail tech for 18 yeqars and seen alot of bad natural nails due
>> to negligence on nail techs. I am not at all trying to rock the boat on here.
>> I am an educator for hand and nail harmony Gelish. I would never reccomend
>> to any nail tech to use an efile to remove this product, that really is carelessness
>> on a nail techs part to do so. Using an efile to just remove the shine is
>> no different than taking the 180 grit file to remove the shine but seriously,
>> when you start getting into the color it's best to put some oil on the nail
>> and use the cotton and foil method to soak off the rest. Make sure your foil
>> is dull side in and i use the round cotton pads and cut them into peices, staying
>> saturated is key to quik removal, and heat helps accelorate the process. Using
>> 100% acetone is definitely a huge no no!! You should really use the remover
>> that goes with your system, most of them contain moisturizing agents in them
>> to keep the moisture level in the nail balanced. I would really not reccomend
>> using pure acetone. Pure acetone can take only 2 mins to deplete the natural
>> nail. Also you can file through 7 layers of a natural nail in one second with
>> the efile. I know our time is our money but it is also our resposibility to
>> our customers to keep their nails in the best condition possible as well.
So what kind of bit do you use or do you use a sanding band,fine,med? Thanks
Quote:ColleenNY :
> Wasn't trying to argue, just trying to understand the method.
I don't even see how any of it could be taken as "arguing". It gets so sensitive around here sometimes. I should know, I get accused of it more than is accurate. Of course it takes more than one to argue so I obviosly don't do it alone, but this is a great thread and there isn't anything going awry.
Exactly Peg.
I use a medium sanding band, it was different at first, like I said I use to soak until I was shown how to gently remove it, when I'm done it like it has been lightly buffed with a hand file after I in class we were shown how to with a (I always get the bits wrong, it's gold, shaped like a barrel) crosscut bit? Maybe it's xcut, I get these mixed up, they didn't have any damage using it, one lady use to wear enhancements & now has nice natural nails...I realize that if you know how to properly use this bit it's not any different than a fine or medium sanding band but I am not comfortable enough to use a metal bit, sounds like I'm contradicting myself but the sanding band has the grit of a meSmile
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young nails
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Seems like a metal bit would be like overkill for filing off such a soft product. imagine hitting the natural nail by mistake with that baby. Ouch!!!
Ugh, that would be bad!! I asked my coworker to let me practice on her lol, she wouldnt go for itWink yeah, I'll stick to sanding bands
CND Master
young nails
light elegance
Being new using an edrill I soak them off, but when there's alot of gel polish build-up, I MIGHT use a very fine sander w/drill. My co-worker, in front of my customer, said efiling was ok, even w/a coarse sander. I was livid and knew this wasnt right but now that I've read these posts, I'd rather do exactly as I have been. Again, being new to the edrill I'd rather take it slow until I'm extremely adept using drills. As all of you have, I've seen sooo many cracked, lifted, damages nails from techs using edrills on natural nails and never, ever want to do that to a customer.
I always use the e-file first on every client unless they express and fear of it and so far no one says a thing about it.

But then again, I don't even take off standard polish when I do fill, I just prep their cuticles and zip off the polish and top coat and get to doing the fill. With this method I can do a back-fill from start to polish dry and them ready to leave in an hour regardless of polish choice (gel or standard).

Using my e-file makes it possible for me to stay on time, give a great service and of course that means more money. In 20 years of doing nails I have yet to cut someone with my e-file. So I think it just requires someone who is confident in their e-file (I use an Atwood and LOVE it) and their overall skill. I use the Young Nails safety bit from the get go and finish up fine tuning the cuticle line with a tapered fine cross cut bit then a hand buff with a snow block. If I am using a standard polish I lay on some Young Nails Gel Finish (LOVE THIS STUFF) then two coats of chosen color and one coat of Shellac top coat, cook and viola... out the door they go happy as clams.

Hair, nails and waxing, I am a triple threat on two legs!!
(11-01-2011, 11:15 AM)CandiceAE Wrote: I have people who have been wearing the gel polish for a year and a half, with me filing off, and their nails are still healthy. I use the PB on the whole nail, not just the FE, so that eliminates the need to buff off all the product - I buff down to the base coat. If they're going with the same or a darker color, you don't even have to remove all the color before reapplying. Yes, you do have to be very careful, but it is possible to do.

I am not a pro nail tech but have dabbled in acrylics and now gel nails the last month. Can you tell me what kind of bit to use to drill the gel polish off with? I don't know what those abbreviations are. Thanks!

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