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when natural nails grow under the acrylic ones
Hi To All,
I am a nail tech from Israel, for about 3 years, and i have this problem, of when the natural nail grows long, with the acyclic, every time, when it is getting to long after few fills to the same client, i remove them, and begin a new set of nails. because, if i shorten them, on each visit of my client, the Tip would eventually disappear from the free edge, .. i mean, does any of you do the same?
or you keep on with the acrylic , on the natural nail? do you keep on with the procedure on the natural nail, or do you put a new tip ?
I'm sorry for any spelling mistakes...
so I think your question is you like to have plastic tips on your clients and yes, at some point of growing the tip will get filed off and then you like to do a whole new set with tips.

So there are really 2, maybe more, ways of handling this..
As you do, completely remove everything and start with a fresh set of tips
I handled this completely differently.. at that point when the natural nail has the length that the client & I were happy with, usually the glue from applying the tips was starting to break down and not be as adhered to the nail. Keep in mind this was MANY years ago when everyone routinely "picked off" any loose acrylic.. I would pick off the remainder of the plastic tip (it usually popped right off clean at the point where the tip material stopped) and fill both the free-edge and around the new growth area with fresh acrylic, now giving the client a clean fresh overlay over her natural nail. If there was any different length issues, I would either take the now overlaid natural nails all down to the shortest length or extend one or 2 with acrylic on a form.

In todays world where we know better than to pick off any product, I would file down to remove the plastic tip remaining on the free edge and fill in with fresh acrylic.

There really is no reason to do a complete soak off EVER unless your client is hard on her hands, a heavy smoker, into chemicals with no gloves, etc.. If you are using a quality product, there is no need and an overlay over natural nails is just as durable as over tips. Some tech & clients just like to do a complete soak off every so often, but it really should not be needed..

The only other real reason to continue the way you are (with fresh tips) is someone has an extreme C curve or "pincher" nails and the natural nail continually pulls away from the acrylic. Then you need either to always work with tips or sculpted acrylic tips, keeping the natural nail underneath as short as possible to prevent the peeling problem.

Hope that helps!
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Dear Debbie,
I appreciate the ery detailed reply, it shows that you really are a proffessional, i would try to directly put the acrylic onto the natural nail. and see if it satisfies my clients. thank you very very much !!! you helped me A l o t !!

Glad that helped.. some clients dont want to see their natural nail under, some think its a huge accomplishment, some just cant handle it because they are too rough or their nails curl too much.. don't make a 1 decision fits all.. you need to tailor the methods used to the client and her needs!

Debbie webmaster - admin Feed Your Nail Addiction shop smart, brand name professional products for professional results


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