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Bat, Tree, and scene Tutorial ready. Short nail friendly
Quote:IF you guys/gals are creating these pieces and putting them on Facebook I would appreciate a mention using my facebook page in the www link below. I took a long time to make sure these were usable and I like to see what you have come up with using my original work. Sincerely Peggy
The new tutorials are all still using nail polish and paint pens. You can use brushes, acrylic paint, color gel. Its up to you. Enjoy!

Here is a burton style bat, very simple and elegant ( I think )
1. On a light color so you can see the bat, make two small ear lines
2. attach an elongated triangle to those ears, making the top line extend past each ear some. ( this is your body, please experiment with the length and shape, its very interesting how they turn out.)
3. Off the extended line near the ears bring that out into a curled curve.
4. Bring your side wing shape off the curl in the other direction keeping it at a slant.
5. Create your M shape. ( again experiment with the shapes )
6. Fill in the wings how ever you like, ( you can use shapes, swirls, or solid color) and give um little white of the eyes.

This is the spooky tree, and its only an example, each tree with be different and unique.I prefer light color so you can see what I am doing, this black silhouette style looks great on nude colors. But its still your art so pick your favorite colors to work with. Keep in mind you wont see black art on dark nails.
1. start the shape of the trunk, decide how big this tree will be.
2. extend the first 2 branches off the trunk. ( don't use straight lines )
3. Bring in the other large branches I used 2 but you can use more. Attach them to each other.
4. Create your full branch by bring small lines, and curls off each larger branch, thicken the larger branches at the base and keep the thin toward the ends. Again do not use straight lines. Make them curved and odd.
5. Fill in the trunk you can make it sold, put eye in it, add high-lite color if you like.
6. I filled my trunk in with the pen tip, keeping the lines very quick so I could keep my nail background color as the high-lite color in the bark.

This is the more detailed looking scene. However its still simple when broken down.
1.(remeber dark needs to be on light background) Outline a house shape, I like mine thin at the base and fat at the roof. You can have it very straight but I made a curved house.
2.Fill in the house leaving a window and a door. Or more if you like. And outline the ground shape. My house is on a small hill.
3. outline a path to the home and fill in around that path all of your ground shape.
4. add a nice large moon.
5.fill in the path with the light moon color, or a lighter shade that compliments the color of the sky. also use this color to fill the window and door opening.
Add your tree using the same method as the above tutorial.
6. I wanted a fence leading the way, for that just make the marks for the posts and a horizontal line between them to attach each fence post.
you can make a cemetery, or place a cat, pumpkin or ghost. Its all in your imagination.
You are so awesome!
I appreciate that. Big Grin you all are the awesome ones though with liking them and actually getting use out of them. It's more rewarding than anything else.
Wow I really love you're spooky tree. I love how all three are on short nails. I always find it tricky to do art on a short nail.
Wow, thanks! I've taken pix of them straight off the computer on to my iPhone. Now, I have the entire set ready to copy tomorrow. The way you laid out each step per design is awesome. I especially love the haunted house!
Have fun with um Donna! And thanks for the continued interest. Big Grin

Sleepyflower, I love doing nail art on short nails. Not something that gets showcased very often. I know more and more clients wear natural nails that are shorter in length and they should get to have a little fun to haha. Im glad you enjoy these.
Ohhhh Peggy! these are amazing! Thank you for sharing this with us!
Quote:JulieM :
> Ohhhh Peggy! these are amazing! Thank you for sharing this with us!
Big Grin
fab as always!!! thanks for sharing
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I think I'm going ton have to do that bat on someone, if not myself....or why not both? Big Grin
Quote:ColleenNY :
> I think I'm going ton have to do that bat on someone, if not myself....or why not both? Big Grin
Go go for it, I want to see. PS I got a sweet little card in the mail from you. Thanks Colleen.
Well that's cuz you're awesome! Big Grin
Coolio...if I do these myself I'll of course credit you for the Original Idea.

So lovely!
Quote:erindoesnails :
> Coolio...if I do these myself I'll of course credit you for the Original Idea.
> So lovely!
Your a crack up. And seriously, if you do do some, I wanna see pics.
Sobeit, those are so fun. What are you charging for your nail art? Do you charge so much a nail no matter how much they put on it or different price for like the bat and the nail with the scene? Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful tutorials!
The art would start @ $5 for the bat or tree, and then the monsters from the other tutorials would be $10 the scene would start @ $10. All per nail. It's time consuming stuff. Big Grin
Thank you for the compliment.
Again thanks for the tutorials! I love seeing this kind of work on short nails, to echo someone who posted previously, and your nails are as short as any I would work on so it's definitely doable!
Laura Merzetti
CND Education Ambassador
Toronto, Ontario Canada
Thank you Peggy so much for posting all these tutorials for halloween... I cant wait to try the bat, tree and haunted house.. I have done the others and everyone loves them.. I am sure hoping you will do something for each holiday, with thanksgiving and christmas coming up.. It sure helps me with your tuturials.. love love love them !!! Big Grin
Very sweet of you, I am working on some now Big Grin

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