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Can I use shellac top coat alone?
Will shellac top coat work on top of regular nail polish on acrylic nails? Also, can shellac be used on acrylic nails? Im reaaaallly trying to figure out if I should invest in shellac, but I saw the colors today at state beauty and was waaaay less than impressed. I guess while im on that note, I would probably rather invest in gelish, so can I use only the gelish top coat over regular polish to set the nails??
I have heard of some techs expirimenting with using shellac base, regular polish and shellac top coat. Just my opinion here, if the nail polish is not fully dry, (evaporated) it will leech into the nail plate or surrounding tissue and can cause adverse reactions. Even if it did work, you would still have to soak it off so why not just use the SOGP colors as well to prevent any problems with the nail polish not being truely dry?
You can use all the SOGP on your acrylic or gels, no need for a base coat. So if you just want shine you can use the top coat. Or use the colors and then top coat and just file off at the fill appt and pick a new color. Very simple and lasts great, and the nails are dry for the client. Huge plus.

My opinion again here, if you want to use it as your enhancement sealer for French lets say. I honestly think using the shellac or Gelish is to expensive to do that with and something like NSI glaze n Go tackless sealer is more economical and has a much higher shine. But that doesn't work over nail
polish. Hope that helped some.

Shoot *edit* I just realized you asked about using Gelish clear over nail polish used on acrylic nails. If the polish isn't all the way dry it could be an issue, and could leech into the skin, not sure about it going into the nail plate with acrylic barrier in the way. If it did work, you could just file that off. Not soak it, or your acrylics will break down. Sorry about that. :oops:
In answer the original question, the only way you can use ANY UV gel topcoat over regular polish is if the polish totally, 100% dry. If it isn't, the polish will never dry completely. It wouldn't matter if you used Shellac or Gelish topcoat. So you could use Shellac topcoat over polish if it is dry.

You can use Shellac on acrylic nails. However, any gel polish that is soakable will need to be filed off the acrylic instead of soaking it off because you don't want to affect the acrylic nails by soaking.

I'm not sure where you are located, but Gelish is not a "professional only" product anymore. It is being sold at some "public" beauty suppliers. So if that is something that is important to you in considering a product, that may be a key point to you.

The one thing that sets Shellac apart from Gelish is it is not just a "gel". It has components of polish mixed in with the gel. A product that is gel only will keep moisture trapped onto the natural nail. I think it goes on easier, more even and not as thick. To me it truly looks like polish and soaks off easier than Gelish. Remember you can layer/combine colors with Shellac to make other colors, so in the end you won't spend as much money as you would buying every color of Gelish. And I think the Shellac whites are a better whites than Gelish. Gelish white has more of a beige tone to it. They just came out with another white that is perfect for the American manicure look. And now with the Shellac sparkles/glitters you don't have to buy individual colors that have it in it, you can make any color sparkle/glitter.

So really in the end you are saving money by not buying so many individual colors and glitter/sparkles. HTH!!
FYI moushax37, I use Gelish and shellac, eco so quick by star nail and, polish pro by nsi, Gelish is thinner than all of them, so applies more like nail polish than shellac. Which gets thicker with each use. And requires rigorous shaking. I still love some of the sheer colors though. While none of us know the exact Gelish formula I can tell you it smells like polish unlike my Eco gel polish which is odor free because it is an actual gel with pigment polish replacement. If it smells like polish, well we have been told that means there are solvents in it. If your using it over acrylic then it's not trapping moisture in. And if you use Gelish on natural nails, it soaks off no different than shellac, polish pro is the easiest to soak off by far. I use all 4 of these products daily.
I have also used Gelish and Eco So Quick. Totally didn't like Eco So Quick. I did feel Gelish had a thicker consistency and didn't go on as even and smooth as Shellac. Danny, who developed Gelish, has stated on the board that Gelish is a "gel". Shellac has no odor and there is nothing wrong with using a product that has solvents in it, like regular nail polish has. There are no side effects to using such products. I did notice as I got about half way through Gelish it did get thicker and had to be shook up also.

My statement about trapping moisture was in reference to using directly onto natural nails. Had nothing to do with applying onto acryclic nails, which we all know, traps moisture onto the nail anyway.

When I have had a client, who I've combined Shellac and Gelish onto their nails, Shellac is off in 4-5 mins. whereas Gelish takes another 5 mins. So based on my experience it does take longer to soak off.

The other thing to consider is that women know about Shellac due to CND'S awesome marketing stratedgy. They ask for it by name. Not the case with Gelish.

We could debate this til the cows come home, so my advice to you is to try different brands, don't have to buy the whole line, and see which one you like or prefer. And no one says you have to use only one line exclusively. But it does help to have some feedback from others who have used the product and see how they feel about them. In the end, though it is really up to you. Have fun exploring the world of gel polish!!
I dont think any of the Gel Polish top coats of any brand are meant to be used over regular polish. They were developed to be used with the Gel Polishes. If you want a good UV Top Coat I recommend Seche Vite's UV Top Coat. Granted it doesnt dry as fast as the Gel Polish top coats do, but it still cuts down the time a bit and it is nice and shiny!

Every Gel Polish line has their good and bad points and the ONLY way to find what works best for you is to try them yourself. I can give you my input on both Shellac and Gelish since I use them both:

Shellac - no buffing of natural nail, no buffing of top coat to remove. However, the color choices are limited and the cure time is 2 minutes for each coat of color and the top coat.

Gelish - Lots of colors to choose from and the cure time is fast - 10 seconds for base coat and 30 seconds for each coat of color and top coat.
Now some people have had luck with not buffing the natural nail before application so you'll have to see what works for you.

I have never had a problem with Gelish getting thick and its the main line that I use. I think both lines are easy to remove.

As for availability, both lines can be found available to the public - just look on Ebay and Amazon. Some people have an issue with Nail Harmony's marketing plan, but it hasnt affected my business and I dont plan to let it. Big Grin
Quote:ColleenNY :
> I have never had a problem with Gelish getting thick and its the main line
> that I use. I think both lines are easy to remove.

> As for availability, both lines can be found available to the public - just
> look on Ebay and Amazon. Some people have an issue with Nail Harmony's marketing plan, but it hasnt affected my business and I dont plan to let it. Big Grin
Exactly. Hey I also have recommended some of my own clients go get the minis, and the mini light. There are benefits to it for these particular clients that only I would be able to let them in on and they appreciate it. I'm honest about it's use, and if they should or shouldn't. It's boosted my business the last few months and my clients trust that I am not pulling their leg and telling them no, when I dont need to be. So it's fine for it to be sold in a public beauty supply store, your clients aren't going to leave you because it is.
I second again, using regular or uv cured nail polish instead of shellac or Gelish top coats. For reasons I stated in answering the original question the first time.
Colleen - Yes, you can get anything on E-bay, but I was pointing out that Gelish is purposely sold in retail suppliers by the company itself while stating it was professional only line. To me that is big difference to a nail tech selling product on E-bay, not that I agree with that either. Some clients may not leave you because of it, but you may not ever get some clients because they can buy it locally and easily in a store and in some ways cheaper than we can, especially the light.

And the colors aren't totally limited with Shellac because you can layer/combine colors of Shellac and add either glitter/effects to ANY of the colors so you don't have to buy each color with the effect you want. I will admit though that the Fall/Winter collection from Shellac was very limited and disappointing. But it's performance outweighs that IMO.

And we can all agree that you just have to try different lines and see what works for you! :wink:
I knew what you were saying and again I don't fault Gelish for making that marketing decision. I think the whole subject has been beaten to death. It is what it is.
Don't get me wrong, I love CNDs Shellac colors and layering is great, but there again since Gelish has more colors there are even more layering options. : )
Yes, you could layer Gelish but I wonder how many actually do? The only reason I brought up about Gelish being sold to public is because to some it does matter.
No one else says anything about where it's sold. I think theyre over it and moved on. The shellac layering. Plain and simple, sucks. It's difficult to get a nice look at the cuticle with the second color. Its much better, cleaner and nicer looking to use a single color. Unless you use a real gel with pigment like Eco, where the color can be mixed. Layering is time consuming to get it even. MY OPINION. Oh and polish pro and Gelish have sparkly and shimmery effects for color changing. Much nicer looking in my experience. Big Grin
Thought we were giving our viewpoints so if I want to point out Gelish is sold publically to inform someone, I can. Layering gel polish colors is no different than an artist mixing their colors to get what they want. And if done properly makes for some beautiful colors. It is no more time consuming than doing two coats of one color. And clients think it is pretty cool when you suggest and create a color before their eyes. Guess it just depends on your way of looking at things and how you choose to present it to your clients. Mine are thrilled with Shellac and so am I. Enough said!!

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