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I am seeking advice how to find nail technicians for my new upscale salon. I've posted on Craig list, I called several employment firms, I posted on social media, and I posted the job on the nail schools website.I am looking to open my door this weekend and can't seems to find anyone. The salary I'm offering is 10 an hr plus 3% comission after exceeding your daily goal. What am I doing wrong.
Depends on your area if you're offering a competitive salary. There might be people willing to move to you, but don't like your terms. If someone has been doing nails for a long time and they have close to a full book, they are making more than $10 an hour. Maybe don't post salary, but just say commission or consider doing a booth rental, people might bite at that and when they interview that can be discussed then. Also, unfortunately I think there is a shortage of nail techs around. I started looking to add a nail tech back in April/May and I only got one response (which didn't work out), I finally decided to train one of my receptionists and we've been doing that since end of July. I figure the best way to get someone of any quality to my liking is to train them.
Hope that helps, good luck
It has always been extremely difficult to get a top notch nail technician. The really good ones with experience are going to rent space ,not work for another person. I have always taught this to all my students through the years.You may get someone but there will have to be more incentive. 50percent is also common. You don't want them to build up with you , and then leave to open there own shop. Many salons will offer 15.00 and offer more depending on the individuals. Bobbi
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