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How the NailTech Gallery Archive works..
12-22-2007, 09:43 AM
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How the NailTech Gallery Archive works..
If a thread from the NailTech section was with posted pictures and has been discussed to it's fullest, it is an exceptional set of images, complete with directions, tutorial, and materials used if applicable, the author notifies the moderator with a request to archive. The thread will be locked and moved here to be archived for future reference.

Replies will not be allowed here in this gallery section, as they should no longer be necessary. This section of the forum shall be a true archive of image posts.

Requests for archiving MUST come from the author of the original thread. The author will be the best judge of when the thread has been overly discussed and all info about the art has been posted.

Each of you who post pics regularly need to add a link in your "Sig" to the place where you are uploading the pics if you have not already done so.. I can help with that if you need me to.. but it really should be a no brainer.. go to your profile here and just type in the link to your personal gallery at photobucket or where ever you are uploading your images. Make sure the link is to a publicly viewable area of your personal gallery.

Authors please take note
If you regularly remove images from your image posting space then please do not request the post be archived. This section is set to "never prune" which means they will stay here forever. It would be a shame to fill this section up with threads that have "X" (missing image) where pictures should be!

Authors will also be allowed to EDIT their posts here, in case they realize they missed a step or something of that nature is need to clarify information for the particular thread/image.

Please.. if you are going to post pictures.. let's try and follow the following guidelines:
  • Include all of todays image posts in ONE thread, not one thread for each set of images
  • Try to be as descriptive as possible in your subject lines and begin with (PICS)
  • Try to include a step by step and or materials/products used - you know they are going to ask, so lets just get that out of the way!
  • When you feel, as the author of the post, the pics have been discussed to every corner they can be, email me the link to the thread or the subject line and I will lock and archive it
  • Remember to add a link to your public picture hosting space (photobucket or where ever) in your sig
  • Try to avoid asking to have posts archived when you know you will have to remove the pics from your hosting space, thereby avoiding the no image thing showing up down the road somewhere

That about covers it for now..

Debbie webmaster - admin Feed Your Nail Addiction shop smart, brand name professional products for professional results

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