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Dipping power
I noticed Lot of people like Dipping power system lately..
I am thinking about offering to my clients.
and I like to which brands is better or inexpensive and easy to use?
please tell me about your experiences tips and trick or problem shooting?
There is a reason that is has gone in and out of fashion since the 1980's- it's not a great product. This time around they seem to be marketing it to customers as a polish alternative, which is frankly ridiculous.
Natural nail clients eventually figure out that is is not a nail polish alternative, that it is, in fact, a type of nail enhancement and that nails must be prepped the same as acrylic or gel and removal is the same and they don't like that.
Artificial nail clients soon come to realize that it is not as strong as acrylic or gel, it isn't as pretty -they tend to be flat- and that it yellows and breaks down much faster than other enhancements.
It is not odor free. The resin used on the nail is cyanoacrylate just like tip adhesive and can burn the nostrils from the vapors.
Also they are quite easy to do and often clients decide that they don't want to pay for something they think they can do themselves .

Now, one major pro is that because it is cyanoacrylate based, people who are allergic to gel and acrylics (which are methacrylate based) can often wear dip nails or wraps with no problem.

Should you choose to offer them, they are honestly all about the same. Prep nails, apply tips if desired, apply a layer of resin and dip, a second layer of resin and dip, another layer of resin and apply activator to dry them faster. File and buff and poliish if desired. Just be careful about pushing the powder and raised. Into the cuticles or you will get lifting. Also for sanitary reasons scoop the powder intonation separate container and discard leftovers for each client.

(03-09-2017, 10:45 PM)kimbnails Wrote: I noticed Lot of people like Dipping power system lately..
I am thinking about offering to my clients.
and I like to which brands is better or inexpensive and easy to use?
please tell me about your experiences tips and trick or problem shooting?

I've been using the Backscratchers dip system (named "Extreme") for about 15 years & find that they hold up on par with acrylics. I don't do hard gel, so I can't speak for that comparison. But this system doesn't yellow or lift any more than the acrylic systems I've used, plus I've learned how to build up an arch so the nails aren't flat.

Not every system works for every client & I've been doing nails for 30 years, so I've seen a lot of systems come & go. You can't sculpt with the dip systems, but you can extend the nail using fiberglass instead of a tip & then use the dip system over it. The Extreme comes with a plastic eyedropper to drizzle the powder over the nail once you've applied the resin, which I find much easier than dipping.

I'm not a sanitation expert, but it seems to me that if you & your client have washed your hands before the service, plus used hand sanitizer, I don't know what germs the excess powder that doesn't adhere to the resin could possibly be contaminated with. You only drizzle a little at a time to avoid waste anyway.

I actually learned a fabulous technique here on Beautytech way beck when I first started using the dip system. A male nail tech named Jerry posted that he did not do fills, nor socked any polish because all he did was full sets of the dip system using white tips & they'd last 1 month!

After 4 weeks, each client would come in 1 hour early to soak off, so while they were soaking he'd work on another client. That way there was no down time where he wasn't getting paid. When he was finished with that 1st client, the other one who was soaking would be ready for her new set of nails. He'd place the white tips back a little further on the nail plate to allow for a month's growth, then he'd finish them using a tack-free sealer for a scratch resistant clear coat.

No fills, no polishes to buy for the salon... just foil, cotton & pure acetone, plus the tips & clear coat.  Each service took 1 hour & the price for his nails back then was $50. So essentially if he saw 8 clients a day, he'd gross $450 per day. Not too shabby for a dip system invented back in the 80's, is it?

I mastered this technique & it works great, but some of my clientele was also pedi's & natural mani's, so I still had to stock polish. Since the advent of gel polish, 85% of my clientele does that now, so I don't use so much of the dip system or acrylics anymore. 

Hope that helps you & in case you're interested in learning other new techniques & trying/buying new products, we hold a yearly nails-only show in the resort town of Gatlinburg, TN called the "Nail Tech Event of the Smokies". This year's dates are July 8-10th & you can get all the info you need, plus tickets at plus follow us on our Facebook business page, too!
Are you talking about the dip nail enhancements or are you talking about the dip color that every nail salon is doing now?

If it is a the dip color then I too would like to know peoples opinions because I have clients asking for it now too.
Hair, nails and waxing, I am a triple threat on two legs!!
Since my first response, I have seen that the trend seems to be exactly what Jill is saying - people are not using dip systems - be it color dip or tip & dip - as they would acrylics and gels (fills, etc) rather they are removing and re-doing at every service. Since they soak off faster than acrylics, and they tend to crack and yellow after repeated fills, this actually makes a lot of sense and could make dip systems a staple in the nail salon after 30 years of languishing in the back room.

Its kind of funny, its like dip systems are "the little system that could" - they kept pushing and pushing and finally found their niche!
soak off gel polish is popular now since it is faster and easy dry.
but some likes using dip systems, some likes soak off gel polish without dip systems, it seems it needs to depend on your thought.
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