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You know you are a nail tech if...
(gathered all these from a thread posted back in Nov & Dec 2008)

Your bling box is on the top of you emergency list of what to grab in case of...

You have to log on at 1:15 am on Christmas Eve just to wish your BT family a Merry Christmas!!

You already have your bling packed and ready to go for a class thats 3 months

You pay more attention to the hands of the actresses on tv & movies than you do the scene, and miss key points of the show/film because of it.

Your still awake after a long class doing nails at 3am..

Your husband finds glitter in his laundry and he hasn't been to the "gentleman's club".

You are at the store and are looking at everything in the store wondering, "can I embed that in my gels."

You have more pictures of nails on your computer than you do of your family......

Your husband won't drive your truck cause there is glitter stuck to the steering wheel... LMAO

Your boyfriend wears glitter on his toes (ya have to practice, no? LOL LOL)

You find yourself sneaking off to the PC to see whats happening on BT.

Your in the store in line and checking out people feet saying NOW THEY KNOW THEY NEED A PEDICURE ....

You will not wear sandals if your feet are not done....

Your kids start suggesting things you can embed every time you go to Michael's.

Your kids also start suggesting random items that could be used as props in nail photos. S

You troll thru Michael's fingering all the shiny stuff trying figure out how to make it work on a nail............

Your husband says "did you see the nails on our waitress? Dam....leave her one of your cards!!! She needs you!"

You paint your dogs toes...

You get a pillow thrown at you because you can't stop looking at Rihanna's nails and thinking out loud how awesome it would be to put a set of Ed Hardy on those LOL

Your dogs are walking around with mylar stuck in them.

Your hubby talking about your smile lines.

Your man comes home from a business trip and is going on about how horrible the set of p/ws the girl had in the seat across the isle from him was...telling me what was wrong with

You fall asleep and dream about nails and wake up and try out all the new designs thats in your head :lol:

You buy an iPhone/PDA just so you can keep up with whats going on on BT anytime you want :lol:

You are at your in-laws for Christmas and you look across the room at your husband and he has glitter in his mustache!!!!!!!

You are on BT at 3:00am knowing full well you need to be up and at the salon by 9:00am that same day! Just one more thread . . .

Every night you lay awake thinking of new designs to do on your nails untill it makes you so crazy you have to get up and draw it on a piece of paper before you can get some sleep! <and it takes you an hour to do it cuz you've got more than a couple to sketch!>

You have a bottle of glue, glued to the console of your car. **Disclaimer** this is not my car, but it is someone's we all know and love! [Image: 100_2265.jpg]

You do the bulk of you Christmas shopping at the beauty supply. :lol:

You read that Sallys has hexagons and you only had a quick sec to answer this post before you burned rubber to Sallys...

You're rushing to get pies made this morning for tomorrow BECAUSE your new box of Akzentz is coming today and you NEED to do your nails tonight

You have a whole room in your house dedicated to nail supplies. You move and you have umpteen boxes marked "nail stuff"

Your nail stuff boxes are marked "nails stuff to sort thru"

You walk around with all 10 nails different designs and shapes

Your small children tell their grade school teacher how bad their nails are and that "you should go to my mommy".

Your daughter has a T-shirt that says "My Mommy does nails better than your Mommy." And she wears it all the time, proudly!

Instead of checking out the guy Big Grin ... you check out his nails ;>

Your husband travels to china for several weeks and when he gets home can't wait to talk to you about the little Chinese lady at the market doing really neat nail art.....forget that we have two kids he hasn't talked to yet!!!!

You break a nail trying to open your conditioner in the shower....and sit down at your nail table to fix it before starting Thanksgiving cooking!!!

Your UPS driver says, I now notice every ones nails since I have been delivering to you!

There's glitter in the cat's litter box.

You fix the chip in the Turkey platter with clear acrylic.

Your kids think you're a superhero because they haven't brought you a broken toy yet that you couldn't fix with acrylic

You fix your brothers chipped tooth with acrylic and he tells you it looks better then when the dentist did it.

You take a series of different grit files to refine a bond job the dentist did.... THEN you explain to the Dr what you did and how if he had "sculpted with his brush" I would not have had to touch it!!

You watch GEMS TV not to buy anything, but just to watch the hostess' nails. To see who has had their nails done, and who needs to. And if you wonder if anyone on BT does their nails.

You shop around for a new home, it must have a room and bath that meets state rules and regulations for a home salon.

You are desperate for a pedicure but don't trust anyone local with your feet, you ask your 6 year old niece for a pedicure and she does a great job!

You refuse to go to the hospital for knee and hand surgery until you have finished a beautiful set of pink & whites and a set of bling toes on yourself!!

You would rather stay at work & play instead of going home to cook for the family... lol Poor kids &amp; hubby... I got my Nufho &amp; playing with it... =>

Where ever you go, what ever you see, you wonder how that pattern could work for you on someone's nails.

You see you better half working around with some rock star toes

You use your old E-file to trim you dogs nails... Who needs pedipaws

You have the nails section bookmarked on ebay looking for that Erica MT20 or any other goodie someone is selling.

Your dh sits down for a manicure and says to you, "You know a long free edge just makes me want to bite it

Your better half offers up a hand or foot when listening to a new idea your having with a nailtech friend..

You spend more on nail goodies then you make...

Everyone you love runs for the hills because they know they are going to be listening to your latest nail art extravaganza on a client.. " and then i dipped the bling and swirled into the silver and so on and so forth blah blah"

You dropped an entire jar of yn glitter off your table..the shih-tzu was laying under the table ...for a sec there you was trying to figure out if you could shake him over a paper towel just get the glitter back... lol...well on the bright side he is decorated for

You can't even find polish remover, polish and a file at home because you took them all to work.

You go with your hubby to a classic car show and relate all the beautiful car colors to future nail glitter/acrylics and polish colors!

You accidentally smash one of your nails that you did last week and stop to consider whether you should just fix it or change them ALL to a new design cause you're bored with last week's already. S (I fixed the time for changing them all before church)

You have tons of things & implements (i means overload) in your shop and a room on the main floor and basement for Nail supplies but you can't find a NAIL CLIPPER at home when you needed....

You read all of BT postings many times and still feel not enough to satisfy your need of learning...

You wake up at 2:00 in the morning just to give yourself a deluxe PEDICURE. then go back to your bed to continue your sweet dream....with soft, smooth feet ...
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LOL! These are so true! I do look at everyone's nails on TV. I've been known to watch Donna Dewberry and try to figure out if those are sculpted or white tips. Don't get me started on the stubby nails everyone on the soaps are wearing...ugh!

Everyday is a new adventure.
Glad I'm not the only one feeling the insanity. LOL So true about Michael's it's not even funny anymore. They know me there and what I'll buy. My husband comes home to tell me how horrible most of the womens' who he sees nails look, and too many wear just p/w. My son (5 yrs.) knows more about what I do than I've ever told him and he does tell others. Even asks me if I will finish my nails when their not perfect. I could go on. Oh, one last thing, I do have a house equipped for a nail salon, and yes, it's fully loaded with stuff I probably won't ever use, and I still won't stop buying goodies (never ever)!!
Michelle K.
Great Post! Off to Micheals! now...hahaha
Ooooh lest we forget ,you know you're a nail tech if you are right handed and the pointer finger on your left hand keeps becomming mysteriously slanted! (Who is this mani-guist?) Confusedhock:
Crazy in l Heart ve with Cuccio!
Your 9 year old is the only one at her school with a 3d hello kitty on her nails .
That is absolutley so true. I never realized how often I thought of nails till I read this. every bit of this is true. Great post!
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Great post!!

I catch myself ALWAYS looking at everyone's toes everywhere I go and everyones hands and nails.
Your Nails are Jewels not Tools!! Smile
I got one.......

You know if your a Nail Tech if ur being induced for labor and you are getting ur own nails before the baby comes ha ha (Gel Nails)

I did that before my son was born, I told he nurses and my doctor,"well my nails are going to look good for my son" the nurses could not believe that I was getting my nails done. My best friend another fellow Nail tech and myself were doing them .
Your Nails are Jewels not Tools!! Smile
lol lol , its so true !!!
wow... these are sooo true!!! lol
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light elegance
LOL....actually I do have the nail section on E-bay in my saved searches.
My daughter was the only two year old I knew that not only knew the word hangnail but was able to point one out. Smile Smile Smile
You know your a nail tech if....

You are looking at your dining room table and wondering if you could embed anything on the top with the varnish you need to apply! Smile
Wah!...It's such a long post but it's all true..Good job!...
you know you're a nail tech...when while working at your full-time job (at a hotel) you are constantly swiping all the fluffy white towels and using the furniture for props in your nail art photo shoots. Still trying to figure out how to get a pic of my feet in the fountain!!!!
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At Disneyland with friends, noticed the Mint Julep stand for first time... walking away sipping, I say
"This would make a great pedicure, Mint Julep"
Friend groans, "You are always thinking about work! Relax, have fun!"

Uh huh...

Relaxing, I like the leaf on that plant.... it would look good with.....
wow, that woman needs a heel scrub....
four weeks since your fill dear?
(I never say it but I'm sure I think it so loud they hear it)

it's Ok, I am the same about beads and making jewelry...
OOoohhh I like that combination of colors... must remember....

I love, "your hubby talking about smile lines" ;-)
it's contagious
Hubby had a bad habit of putting his dentures in his pocket when they start to rub. I stepped on his pants one night and broke them. fixed them with acrylic and he wore them about 5 years. I c heck out feet in line at the casino and in the restroom..nails on the checkers at the market.
The nail bug has bitten.
Always be get farther.
You know your a nail tech when... You hubby is so influenced that he has gone to school to be a nail tech too! And...i offered to buy a guitar for my 3 year old for his birthday and he said "no mommy i get a pedicure first, then a guitar!"
CND trained since '02
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lol! so funny and so true!!
Only see my 3 year old daughter every other weekend and we HAVE to do her nails - paint and stickers, flowers etc... then she puts it in the gel light for no real reason but she thinks its cool.
One day she said - mom needs nails done so I dont look like daddy.
Another time she told someone with bad nails they needed "the light"

Those were hilarious...and most of them apply to me! :lol:
You know you are a nail tech if the expectations are unrealistic. You get fired on your day off. You are "let go" because your timing is too slow in the slow season.
You know you're a nail tech if you have ever polished a friend mid conversation without any warning or permission, because they needed it. Or because you wanted to try something. And they weren't caught off guard.

You know you're a nail tech if your boyfriend complains about his cuticles until you fix them.

You know you're a nail tech with a nerdy boyfriend if you've done more than 10 pedicures on someone playing Xbox.

You know you're a nail tech and not a stripper if glitter is a tax write off, but a thong is not.
my poor dog has had glitter and mylar stuck to her!
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