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Tammy Taylor Miracle Manicure
I used today and I have to say that it is probably the easiest to apply of everything that I have tried(Shellac, Entity, Gelac, Gelish and LeChat). I am excited to see how it looks in a few weeks and get some feedback. I'll let you know how it goes, but so far, I am very impressed.
owner,director-Salon Cosabella
I used it on a client on Tuesday and by yesterday all the color had chipped. She is coming back in today to have it fixed.

The gel remains intact from what she said, but all the color (neon) came off. I didn't cure the top coat...wondering if that's why??

Any suggestions?
~Certified Master Pedicurist~
~Advanced Nail Technician~
I spoke with the education dept. at Tammy Taylor and they only recommend their product, of course. (ie: not Scrub Fresh and only polish remover w/acetone- not pure acetone).

I'm wondering if my client is a "picker" as I followed all the steps they outlined and reiterated on the phone.

Anyone else have reviews yet?
~Certified Master Pedicurist~
~Advanced Nail Technician~
Hi Kristin
I haven't had any complaints so far, and one has the weakest nails I've ever seen to date(I put three layers on her). One of my friends showed me that her nails flex with it, but it doesn't crack or snap. I have started using it as a base instead of the soak off base coat, and the nails are much smoother than before. I am also hoping that their nails are less dry due to the every 2 week soak off on the top surface because I am beginning to see white spots on a few of them.
owner,director-Salon Cosabella
I have to say it is not like anything I have ever used before. I know it has been said that it is a gel in a bottle. Well any gel that I have ever used is sticky before it is cured. This is not sticky at all before it is cured. I am in love with it!!
Ok so client called & said polish lasted 2 days!
it chipped on 2 nails & she took it all off..but the gel was still on & perfect.
she had a dark color on & could not stand the look of the chips

So now I am not sure about this product keeping polish on for 2 weeks.
I did follow every thing the way I was supposed to.
only difference was the topcoat I used Sech Vite instead of the Tammy Taylor brand (don't like the smell)

How u guys doing with it? I will try it again but now I am nervous about clients coming back unhappy. I try to sample on myself but b/c of working with the Acetone the polish comes off my working fingers..booooo
I am thinking of maybe buffing lightly on the tips b/f polishing so the polish adheres better to the gel? hmmmmmmmm
Are you cleaning with 99% alcohol or the TT Clean-it? Could it be the Seche? I think it dries faster than the TT super Dry Top Coat- jmo.
Always be get farther.
I am wondering if like gel polish this miracle manicure is pretty flexible, and the polish cracks, or chips when the product bends with the nail? Maybe if it were buffed so the polish went on a non shiny surface instead?
used 99% alcohol to clean then 2 coats TT nail polish & Sech top coat
I don't think it was my prep fer sure. I always overdo it on cleaning & manicure to prevent lifting

That's kinda what I was thinking too Sobeit which is why I was gonna try & buff at least the tips (not the whole nail since chipping was only on tips)
so that way if the client wants to remove it will still look nice after some length is filed down.

I dunno my nails still look good with just the clear & I have been pretty hard on them. they def feel different than just a SOG..hard but still flexible.
so the experiments I will hopefully get to try this week will work.
I was also gonna try a SOG topcoat too.
Any updates yet?
so far 1 client hates & wants her Gelish back
but I am still giving it a shot..polish seems to chip & top coat is not as there was some cracking at the stress points too
But I am not giving up & have now applied a extra coat (3-4) & buffed the tips a bit b/f regular polish application.

of course I am constantly researching & came across this info that TT Miracle Manicure product is indeed a soak off..unless of course I am reading this wrong...not that it is marketed that way of course BUT it can be soaked would that make it a SOG ..not a hard gel fer sure..
below is some Q&A & from question # 54

54. Soaking Off: Q: If I want to soak off the Miracle Manicure Base Coat instead of buffing it off: Can I do this?
A: Yes, but it does not soak off quickly; it will soak off in about 20 minutes. File the top surface first, then use acetone to soak it off, as it softens, file it off, then buff and wash hands with soap and water. - At this point you could re-apply Miracle Manicure Base Coat. Note: Miracle Manicure Base Coat is easy to file off with a Tammy Taylor "Zebra 180-grit file".
Thank you for that link. Sure answered a lot of questions. I remember saying this walks and talks like a gel in a bottle, but was reasured this was not even close, and was something never before used or heard of. I hate to sound like I am saying " told ya so" Not directly at anyone, but to the topic in general... Here is an exact copy and paste of a question from that TT informational link.

23. Gels:
Q: Is Miracle Manicure Base Coat like a Gel?
A: Miracle Manicure Base Coat is a Patent Pending Formula; "light cured" UV/LED Base Coat gel created specifically for extending the wear of regular nail polish.

So now knowing it can be soaked off and is admitted as a gel base coat, then in my experience the polish will tend to crack, or chip as the soft gel product bends. Maybe not right away, but within maybe 3 days my pointer and middle nails have the cracked chipped mean thing going on. I started a thread a while ago about being addicted to nail polish and the process of polishing my nails, and admitted gel polish was not for me, because I change colors to often. That thread and this thread prompted me to try my NSI Polish Pro base and top to keep it clear, and wear polish over that. It was a little longer wear than not having the polish pro on. Same thing with the Eco so quick clear. But thats OK with me, because I want to change my polish all the time. I need an intervention. :oops:
So I only used mine once and then went to use it today and it was hard as if I had it in a lamp. Which I did not. I do not have it under my light either. So I guess if you want this you should keep in the closet in between clients.
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A user of T.E.N. Gel and Young Nail Acrylic.
Brooke~ thank you; I'm eagerly awaiting your results from clients :wink:

I'm thinking that this product has potential for me. I've had it on myself, with no polish or topcoat, for five days and it's holding up beautifully. I like the fact that it's so easy to apply and (now that the truth be told), will be easy to remove.
~Certified Master Pedicurist~
~Advanced Nail Technician~
Quote:kathyharper :
> So I only used mine once and then went to use it today and it was hard as if
> I had it in a lamp. Which I did not. I do not have it under my light either.
> So I guess if you want this you should keep in the closet in between clients.

Gosh. Is it in a transparent bottle? And why would they do that if it's UV hardened?
Iina (that's a double 'i')
Health & beauty, fitness and nails!
I saw my ladies this week, and we had two different results. One peeled hers off, and that doesn't surprise me at all-she always does that!! The other one was great except that she had a tiny lift at the very end of one. That was really easy to fix though, I just used a block buffer, cleansed and went back over all ten with MM. I have switched several clients over to it and so far, so good. I did one other person with the MM, then put Shellac on top. I know that they are saying that it soaks off....I didn't have that experience though. When I wrapped her in foil then removed it after 10 minutes, the MM was still in place.
owner,director-Salon Cosabella
I don't know.... I used this on 3 clients and all 3 clients had the polish chip in a day or two. Seems to me like I should be buffing the base coat before applying polish, but the directions don't say you have to do that. I am bringing my back to the store I bought it.... junk.
Where did you buy this? I thought it was only available through the company only right now. Just curious.
i have used this on my toes and have had chipping sooner then to be expected. have used it on one client. waiting to see results.
I bought it at WS Beauty Supply in Massachusetts.
I have not done my mothers nails in a month now...the MM, color and top are still intact. It is still on mine as well. I even tried picking it off during the emergency delivery of my twin grand is still there.

For those that had some shipping/peeling....did you use clean it before applying polish? I know it sounds like a stupid question however there are many of people that are not doing that. Also make sure that you are not applying the polish to thick.

I love how fast polish is drying with it as well.
I didn't use clean it, but I did use 99% alcohol. I am trying it out again on another client to see what happens.
I cleaned it with 99% Alcohol & had my client wash their hands.
I then wiped it down again with the Alcohol.

I don't think I applied my polish thick but I do notice working with the TT nail polish that it dries super quick while working with it so I need to be very quick while applying.
I had this product applied to my ring finger nail while I was at the Orlando show. It barely lasted a week when it started chipping. It is very flexible but just doesn't hold up. And this was with a Tammy Taylor tech applying the product. I am not hard on my nails and most products stay great on me.

This one gets a thumbs down. Tammy, stick with what you are good at, Acrylic.
Anna Elliott
[email protected]
Any updates on this product?
ManicuresThatLast :
> Ladies Smile Lets look at this logically now Smile You can do this same thing with
> any UV Gel Polish base (1 or 2 coats, curing and remove tacky layer), traditional
> polish and traditional top coat or even now we do have UV top coats that will
> work over polish!


So you're saying the Concept is essentially the can get your polish to "stay" by using a gel polish base and just any polish topcoat like TT says?

I was actually gonna try this myself to se if it'd work independently, if it gives the same results I might hold off on TT's "MM" productSmile

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