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Tammy Taylor Miracle Manicure
AnnaElliott :
> I had this product applied to my ring finger nail while I was at the Orlando
> show. It barely lasted a week when it started chipping. It is very flexible
> but just doesn't hold up. And this was with a Tammy Taylor tech applying the
> product. I am not hard on my nails and most products stay great on me.
> This one gets a thumbs down. Tammy, stick with what you are good at, Acrylic.


Interesting feedback. Yes, mine chip easily too even with gels. I have to use a couple of thin layers of traditional gel to reinforce any SOGP's I use on my nails or they chip w/in 2-3 days as well. With soft gels, same thing, I need that thin layer(s) of traditional gel as well.

Just curious....Do you have nails like mine, oily/very flexible? Do SOGP's normally stay well on your nails?
We used the Temmy Taylor Miracle Manicure on 5 of our regular natural nail clients for free to see their response to the product.

Not one client liked the results because it chipped all over the nail plate. All of the clients asked to have it removed. It was not particularly easy to remove either.

It would be easier to apply SOG to clients, and remove it when needed. I thought the Tammy Taylor would stay put until the next coating was needed due to outgrowth of the nail, but not the case at all. Clients seemed kind of disgruntled with it and wanted it removed pronto!!
I found that the MM product itself stays on the nails - however, it did not, in my experience, increase polish life at all.
Tammy's acrylic system is the boss, though. I guess from this feedback so far I'll stick to that.

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